Monday, October 31, 2005


It was really annoying talaga pare. It was like I'm so malas today. I invited pa naman a girl to shop with me kanina so I told my mom na I don't need a driver na. Especially an old driver pa. Negative pogi points kaya if I am dating someone tapos may chaperon pa. Tapos oldie pa! I'm no longer a kid kaya tapos I have a driver pa.

So yun na nga diba, when I looked at the garage, my car was missing so I told my mom, "Mom, where's my car?" And she told me na my father is using it daw and that I have to settle na lang daw on my old car which is a Toyota Vios. Damn talaga! Kung kelan pa I will make porma, wala pa my car. I don't like the Vios kaya. What will people think no? It's bulok na kaya and one headlight is busted pa. It's so squatter talaga. So I'm like a taxi driver na diba. I'm really embarrased talaga when I picked Jaja from Multinational Paranaque, her mom looked at me like sama pa. What the fuck is she thinking no? I look like a good boy kaya and not to mention my uber cool porma with matching oakley shades pa. I was just like making porma pa naman to her daughter tapos she will act that way. The hell! She's like so weird no. I just made bati na lang then asked Jaja to get inside the car para makaalis na kami away from that freaky house and from her weirdo mom.

On our way to ATC, my tire got flat pa. Of all times naman pare, I don't know pa naman how to change a flat tire. As if naman I will change it no. I'm afraid kaya na my getup will get sira pa. So I called my mom and told her that I need Mang Tonyo to pick us up because the damn vios car broke down. Kahiya talaga with my date. So we waited for half an hour before Mang Tonyo arrived. Fuck talaga that old guy, it was like so lapit lang kaya tapos it took him half an hour pa! So I made galit na lang to Mang Tonyo infront of Jaja to make paimpress na I have a slave no. After that, we decided to shop na lang at ATC instead of Rockwell kasi its raining daw sa Manila. I invested pa naman two hours in my looks tapos it will get basa lang. No way pare! Never will I allow myself to look like the orc-like jologs working at a callcenter no. They are always like basa kaya underneath those thick jackets and looks like baho pa!

Tapos at ATC, I got dulas pa because one of the stupid Janitor is not doing his job. I was really embarassed talaga kanina because almost all of the katutubos inside the mall were like looking at me and giggling. I mean seriously, whats their problem ba? Siguro they were all just inggit lang because I still look good no after making dulas at that slippery floor. I know how to handle my poise kaya unlike them, even though hinde pa sila nadudulas they all look like the floors na. Kadire talaga those people.

I was really infuriated talaga kanina because of the laughing katutubos and the badvibes. Tapos my date made yaya pa ng uwi agad. Damn! Shes missing out on something pare. Shit talaga! So yun na nga diba? We have to go early without me buying anything pa. Shit talaga! What's her problem din ba? I bet she got that from her weirdo mom din no! Well fuck 'em both. As if naman I'm really after her. She's nothing kaya compared to Ysabelle.

Well, siguro tama na muna that for now. Will stop na muna blogging. Have to finish pa some stuff before I leave for US tomorrow.

And to all the fucking katutubong low-life pakialemors no... have a life will you! Hope you all rot in hell! FUCK YOU ALL! Pakasawa kayo for two weeks. I'll make ganti na lang when I get back. It's my opinion kaya, so up to now, WALA PA RIN KAYONG SAY!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Uber bilis lang

It's getting annoying na rin. So here are some pointers for you bout California you bobo peeps:

First of all, most bobo peeps like you, living outside California or has never been to California (like you ulit) assume the state is covered by dagat. This bobo myth can be debunked simply by looking at a map of the state. California is covered on ONLY one side by the karagatan, leaving that to be the only borderline to allow beaches. THERE ARE NO BEACHES INLAND, where most of the people live.

Secondly, not all Californians ay nakatira sa beach. Clear those bobo visions of a whole state full of sun worshippers right now. Sure, Southern California beaches are sunny, crowded and are the basis of many California beach myths. Almost the entire Northern California coastline, however, is smothered kaya with fog year-round. Maybe this is the place I would recommend to you dogs para manigas you sa lamig no.

Thirdly, Californians do not, repeat not all surf. It just doesn't happen. Please revert to the discussion about most people living inland. Maniwala man or not, most Californians could care less about surfing. There are better things to do like grow artichokes and garlic and watch some katutubos freeze to death on the Sierras because they don't have any WINTER CLOTHES.

The second set of myths that dominate California mythology focuses on snow. Like what most of the bobo peeps commented on my site. If the state of California is just one big beach, how can there possibly be any snow, right?

Well, THERE IS SNOW IN CALIFORNIA. And many Californians eat snow and not sand. The Sierras which is about 2-3 hours ride from the Bay area have snow on it the whole year round. So in your face pare! I really hate posers no. Kaya before you comment, know all information about anything before you say something. Nahahalata kasi na you are Callcenter traveler-wannabes eh. Shitty talaga your mentality.



I'll be leaving for L.A. this November 2. So I guess that will make you katutubos happy na. I'll be in L.A. for two weeks with Claude. I'll just make gala lang ang shop. That's my forte naman eh. And I'm really good at it. I have a list na nga of things to buy when I get to Rodeo Drive. That is where kasi Prada Epicenter (which is an uber cool store because of the changing room walls that will go from clear to opaque with a single touch), Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana (which opened theif first stateside men's store btw), Gucci, and the new store my cousin has been making kwento since August pa - BCBG Max Azria! Hay, I've been bitten ata by the shopping bug eh kaya I'm kinda shopaholic na. Damn!

The plane will leave Manila around 8:30 PM so I don't have enough time na nga to buy new clothes for the trip. My winter jacket kasi is like a year old na. Its like ancient na. I don't want to become the laughing stock naman of my friends there right? So anyways, baka bukas I'll drop by Rockwell to buy for myself a new one. I have to buy na rin pala new mittens kasi mine got sira na rin when we visited Alaska last January. Now, I'm really lito na on what to do. So many things to do, yet so little time. :(

And here's what I have to say about some nasty comments which I tried to make bura na din for quite some time now and got tired na by doing so:

To all the death threats: In your face pare. You guys are sooo creepy no. Kulang na lang na someone will make Awooo on the background to complete the effect eh. Siguro you people are just inggit lang because I'm like sikat na and so gwapo pa. Stop irritating my aura no.

To all the callcenter faggots: I paid someone na to make pasabog Malate this November 1 to wipe out na the entire bakla population of the Philippines. At least I'm doing you guys a favor kasi I'll be sending you na agad to heaven, express pa!

To all the good people: Hey pare, thanks for respecting my blog ha? Don't you worry guys, I'm ignoring na naman all the sickos here. And hey, if you want to add me on friendster, here's my address: I'm cool pare, don't worry. And the same goes to all the cute chicks.

And I bet most of you are inggit na naman. Drool up to sawa pare. I get to go to L.A. just to enjoy and you have to asa pa na your company will bring you there for training. >:P

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fuck you all.

I wasted my afternoon making bura of some bobo comments on my site. Most of 'em talking bout shit and stuff. Some imbecile callcenter fags kasi made some kadire comments here. Asa pa you all no! Hope someone will make pasabog Malate this November 1 para mawala na the fag community! Shit talaga the choice of bakla words you have. It only reflects what kind of commonality you guys have. Go fuck na lang your dogs no or better yet, fuck na lang each other! Doon naman kayo good at eh.

Tapos, there are some pa making yabang about their compensations at a callcenter.. Really now ha! All I can say is that dream on you moronic katutubos! I really don't care how you work your asses off just to earn the amount of compensation that you claim. Almost 95% naman of your earning goes to your pathetic lifestyles eh. Like buying some SECOND HAND stuffs.. like bulok cars, cellfones and even clothes. And I bet some of them are hulugans pa! Kadire talaga you dogs! Tapos the remaining 5% goes na to your dog food. Sabagay, you only need little nutrients lang naman to feed your katiting na brains no! I bet you are just inggit lang dahil I have what most of what you are just dreaming of! Hahaha! Don't worry, I will donate na lang my old clothes or better yet auction it para naman maka-afford na kayo ng mga signature clothes and off with the cheap imitations. Its kinda irritating na kasi seeing you guys with your tasteless getups eh. I mean, whats up ba with the thick jackets and fur coats ha? Eh its so init naman in the Philippines no. I bet you are the ones who needs to make lipat na lang to another bansa because I think you don't belong here no! I bet you people are so baho na inside whenever you take off those jackets kasi all your kili-kilis are like basa na! Like haven't you heard of Driclor or Botox ba? Sabagay, you can only afford tawas and rexonas in sachets lang pala. Silly me. Haha.

Tapos kanina, I was really like malas pa. Kasi I lost na agad the new phone I bought yesterday. I don't know if I left it at Starbs Standard Chartered or somewhere else in Makati during a business meeting this morning. Tapos Ysabelle pa is making gulo on my mind. Now, I'm soo fucking depress na pare.

And to all the LOSER COMMENTS can just like fucking pakamatay na lang kaya. Its my personal opinion no, so wala kayong say. And to all the friendly posts on my journal pare, thanx ha? Ingats sila sa inyo.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Naturally metrosexual

The rain was really pouring yesterday kaya I wore na the new Prada Tela Tecnica jacket my cousin bought me from London. She made yabang pa nga na it costed her a whopping 450 pounds daw. Eh its like a small portion lang kaya of her allowance every month. That biatch! But she was sweet no, kasi she told me na it was an advance birthday gift daw for me because I'll be turning 23 na this coming December.

Our maid even told me pa nga na I look like a hollywood actor pa daw because of my uber cool getup yesterday. Duh! Its like given na kaya. I don't even have to make extra effort pa to look cool unlike those orc-like jologs thats been invading makati lately. Damn pare, I bet some chicks couldn't help but to drool when they saw me making baba from the car yesterday. I'm the bomb talaga pare.

Anyways, I only had a couple of meetings yesterday before I decided to go home. But prior to that, I tried checking out the new Coffee Bean joint near our office, pero I backed out when I saw a group of baho callcenter peeps with their flashy, much-effort exerted, rather gaudy getups. It was soo annoying talaga pare so I have to leave agad because of all the badvibes and BO pa. I got afraid na baka they will make gaya pa of my uber cute at cool na porma. Those losers! Its obvious naman na they're only wearing masa-clothes bought from Bench tapos sale pa!

I read the comments posted din, and some people are totally stupid talaga. There are like a thousand blogs kaya tapos they are flocking on my site pa like shit. Why don't you just create na lang your own blog no tapos have your pathetic colleagues post all their crap comments there and leave my private thoughts alone.

Also, I received an email nga pala from Ysabelle kanina that's making me sad now pare. I really have to go now and make myself lunod once again in my sorrows. :(

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Brent International School Baguio Reunion

Just got home from a reunion with some old friends and classmates at Brent, Baguio. Katamad talaga the viaje. Damn old Mang Tonyo pa, kasi he's so bagal mag-drive! Kainis kasi my mom for hiring pa such an old useless driver for me. I swear talaga na I will look na for a new one and replace that old shit. Damn! Anyways, I am sooo happy now pare and I told myself na I won't get affected na by some loser comments on this journal. Pakasawa kayo no. Or better yet, just play dead, rollover or fetch some sticks you native dogs! All call center peeps are good naman at that eh. Or if you want, I can give you money pa. Donation ko na sa inyo for being sooo fucking pathetic. As what I've said before, go bug someone else and brag your callcenter shit somewhere else. Inggit lang kayo because I'm like so gwapo and all of you looks like basuras. Well, it makes perfect sense naman eh, what's the difference ba between a dog, a callcenter agent and a squatter peep? Wala naman right? So learn to live with that!

Next week I'll be flying to L.A. with Claude. I got kasi a last-minute invite from an old friend who will be performing at the Dia de los Muertos event on November 6. The event will be held at Sherman Way, Canoga Park just right across our street - Jordan.

Well, it's late na pala. I have to go now. I have an appointment pa kasi later with my gym instructor at Hotel Intercon to shed some fats. I'm gaining weight na kasi lately eh from all the food binging for the past few days.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tech Savvy

Feast your eyes on my new cellfone. The Nokia 9500! Shot this photo kanina together with my Nokia 9300 and 6820. I went kasi kanina to Greenhills with Claude and Andrew to look for a new laptop. Claude kasi will be needing a light one which she will bring to L.A. next week. Sobrang bulky and heavy kasi her other laptop. It would be a great experience sana minus the masa! Kadire talaga the place. It was like the place was crowded by a thousand and one skwakwaks and I bet almost 99.9% of them are callcenter people. Damn talaga Andrew for suggesting pa Greenhills on where to buy the laptop. The only good thing that happened was that I bought for myself a new cellfone na rin. Hahaha! Impulsive buyer. So fucking kulit kasi Claude for teasing me na my Nokia 6820 is ancient na daw and is kinda squeeky na. So there... I have a new gadget to play with. Kaasar pa nga the vendor kanina with all his technobabble eh I'm pretty much sold na nga.

I was really tired after Greenhills and need some good vibes replenishment so I told Mang Tonyo to bring us to Rockwell since malapit na naman the place. There, we saw this great restaurant, Brazil Brazil! Grabe talaga the barbeques on that place. They gave us a yoyo to signal the waiters when to stop from pouring on our table all kinds of barbeques. Damn pare! Kanina was the first time I tried barbequed pineapple. It was really sarap pala. I'm giving that restaurant seven out of ten spoons for serving the best barbeques in town!

Well that's my life. The life of a certified glitterati. In your face pare!

The Hell!

How come this world is so full of nincompoop morons who's really full of shit on their heads like those bobo callcenter agents. The hell pare! The last time I checked, there are no rules or restrictions as to where I want my thoughts be posted. The fuck talaga you pakialameros. As if naman I care no. Basta all I know is that you are all losers! I bet you don't even have any money to buy for yourself a decent second hand car. Kadire talaga the one who boasted na he loaned from a bank pa just to buy a car. Hahaha! It only showed how low you can get. The hell! 60 thousand your face pare or should I say, ASA PA YOU! Nobody is idiotic enough to give you washouts that amount of compensation because I wouldn't. Hahaha! I would even make-batok on your heads as an added bonus for being sooo fucking low. And to the one who commented na UA&P has the same tuition as Ateneo and Lasalle, well, the fuck! I bet the only newspaper you can afford to read are the ones that fits your bobo lifestyle.. Damn! And the hell with the one who said Max Brenner and Bizu cookies are sosyal na! The fuck! It only means na you haven't got the chance pa to get out of this country because, well, what do we need to expect pa nga ba from you katutubos.... you don't even have the means pa to do so unless padala kayo by your callcenter company abroad for FREE. Hahaha! There's like a million chichi places abroad pa if I really want to be sosyal unlike you na greenbelt 3 is sosyal na. Kadire talaga the mentality. Loser-posers! I pity you all. Go bug someone else you incompetents and leave my private thoughts alone! Better yet, stick to your own kind!

Fuck you all!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm Like Fucking Annoyed!

Puta pare, I never thought some losers will still find this personal journal pa. What's your problem ba people? Fuck you all no. You're all such losers kaya. You are all so pathetic kaya! The hell! Make sulat na lang kaya all your hate comments on your squatter houses and not on my blog you fucking dorks. It's none of your fucking business what I think of other people kaya. I bet all the people who made some bobo comments on my site are the jologs call center people. Now, I'm so fucking annoyed na! Can't you all just like fucking pakamatay na lang or better yet have your pathetic lives donated to hell no. They need pa additional idiots there like you. And also carry with you all your crap comments. I don't need it kaya. The hell. You are all giving me bad vibes now no. And to all those inggit people, the hell! You are just making yabang of what you have eh your family don't have anything to eat na at home no. I bet, you just bought all your clothes from that ukay-ukay store along buendia no? In your face pare! Damn talaga you bobo katutubos!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shet talaga!

I went to Makati Medical Plaza for my appointment with Belo because I was asked to come back by Dra. Muñoz. I am with my cuz Llyod because the good-to-nothing driver of mine, Mang Tonyo was sick again. Fuck talaga that matanda! My response to the drug was ok naman daw so we left early. But prior to that, I haven't eaten anything. I skipped my agahan because I was really getting concious na of my weight. The last time I tipped the scale it was like alarming na. Pero I was really hungry na kanina. Lloyd told me na there's a McDo near Makati Med, at the People Support's Center. Fuck talaga! Of all places. I hate pa naman the callcenter peeps. They really cloud my aura like shit. Such waste of talents! Damn! But I thought since maaga pa naman I assumed na lang na wala pa those jologs. At Mcdonalds, the place was ok naman. There are a few people eating na when we arrived. And I can say they are from the nearby offices because they look normal unlike those abnormal telemarketers.

Since I made my cousin Lloyd as my driver-alalay, I told him na I will pay na lang for his meal. He told me na he have a VIP card from Mcdonalds and would get some freebies when we reached 150.00 food purchase. So I ordered for myself a Chicken Spaghetti Combo, a twister fries, a large mcfloat and for him, a Mcfloat and Twister Fries combo. Our bill totalled P200+ so I presented my cousin's card together with the receipt but the bitch cashier told me na they ran out of giveaways na daw. The fuck! They should have told me na they don't have any more giveaways na that time so I didn't order na for an additional Mcfloat and Twister Fries. I was really infuriated talaga kanina. The manager was really incompetent para mawalan ng stocks of those promotional items. Damn! And not only that... the hell!... They made me wait pa for another 10 minutes at the counter. If I haven't told that bitchy cashier to just gave us a number instead of having me wait for our order, baka hinde pa tumakbo her brains. She was really soo bobo. I bet all of her professors from a cheap university were all bobo just like her. Shit talaga!

So I asked na lang for a customer feedback card from the assistant manager and wrote my disappointments with their kind of service. I really felt sorry for the owners of that Mcdo branch for hiring such incompetent people! Sabagay, what would you expect from that building crowded with bobo peeps.. Hay! Kahawa talaga the callcenter virus.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Major Lamo!

I've bumped with the ultimate loser, Major Lamo yesterday at Cibo, Glorietta. I never thought to see that jologs still hanging around the streets of metro. I thought somebody made salvage na of that pathetic jologs. Nasira talaga my aura last night. I really hate that shit since the first time I saw his damn shitty face around UA&P. Kumukulo talaga my blood. Damn government scholars!

Also, Claude made fun of the mabahong beggar we saw last night. She really scared the shit out of her! Why naman kasi they are letting those basuras to roam around the makati. I told Claude to make banga na lang that shit tutal nobody naman will miss IT. Hahaha!

Well, hafta hit the sack now. Hafta catch some shut eye first before I go to my evening appointment with Belo. That Roacutane stuff is making me lungkot lately. They said, depression is just one of the side-effects of that drug. At least I'm gwapo na naman uli. :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Movie tripping.

I went out with some friends to Greenbelt 3 to watch the European Gigolo which is being shown together with the 40 year old virgin. It was really funny talaga. I was making some loud tawas inside the cinema. Really non-stop laughing talaga. Everything was perfect except from some three kainis faggots infront of our seats. I think they are all callcenter peeps because of their cheap attires and kadire getups. Yucky talaga how they carry their clothes. You could see talaga the efforts exerted. Lols! I think they are more laughable than the movie itself. One of my friend even sang a hymn with a "how many baklas do you see" on the end. Hahaha! I really can't stop laughing talaga!

After the movie, we went to Coffee Bean to hang out. Pero grabe the wannabees and posers hanging there. I think all the maids on our building altogether made their weekly gathering because there was this group of cheap girls who were giggling like shit. Kainis talaga the tones of their voices. Bad vibes talaga! So I called na Mang Tonyo to pick me up because its late na din and I have to do something pa for office tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bad dream.

Shit pare! Just woke up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream. I dreamt I was a driver daw of an ex-friend of mine, the loser - Dave the poser. I am driving with him daw around a market when he asked me to look after his car because he have to buy something from a store. That poser! Is he ok? Me, acting as a chaffeur to his cheap old toyota car? T'was like an old model kaya. A hand-me-down from his long dead father. Yai na! The dickhead@! Nakakasira talaga ng vibe pare. T'was like an uber negative vibe. Yuck talaga pare the scenario... I just can't try to imagine myself driving an old toyota model so I was looking around talaga for my driver Mang Tonyo but he is nowhere to be found. The fuck! I've been trying to get rid of that old guy that mama hired when I am still a cute little kid. He is useless talaga! He is always nowhere to be found. Not even on my fucking dreams! So I just tried to control myself and drove Dave the poser's antique car slowly over a corner and got off. I don't want to be seen on an old and bulok car like that no? I just bought a new car last month, and I was wondering how come my car wasn't on my dream. E di sana I left na lang the scene and drove home to have a cozy bath to replenish the good vibes.

Well, its really shitty talaga what happened next. When I got back to check on his antique car, it was no longer there. I think it was being towed or sumthin by a basurero because maybe he taught it was like a pile of rusting metal sheets that he could sell per kilos at a local junk shop. Shit talaga that old car! The car was like ancient na tapos it got lost pa! So I tried looking for it daw from a certain car park nearby but it was not there. I was really kabado talaga on my dream. It was like totoo kasi eh. Then there was this establishment that I went in and asked if the skwakwaks from inside saw where it went but they knew nothing daw! Well what do you expect from all those katutubos hanging in that old dump! Mas maganda pa bahay ng labrador ko from that place. It was like baho talaga and really dirty. Its starting to cloud na on my aura. Not to mention all the bad vibes I'm getting from that old and bulok na car of that fucking Dave the Poser.

Well, thats not all pare. In exchange daw for the little information they think that they knew on where the car might be, I have daw to work for them. It's like earning my way in exchange for the information they have. Shit talaga pare! I made laba of all their baho clothes and other cheap thingies they have. If only I could stop from there and change the channel of my dream to something more light and more soothing other than being with some losers and a fucking poser. The hell talaga pare my dream. It's making my head so sakit right now. Ahhh! Fuck them. And that ex-friend of mine, Dave the Poser was like being uber kind which is really not him. He was like a poser kaya. Just trying to mingle with mayayamans like us to be regarded as one. The hell! Social climber talaga pare! Good thing I disowned the loser or else I'll end up like him. The fuck talaga pare! I bet now, he is working as a callcenter peep in Ayala... Haha! He deserves it... Callcenters are for losers! Tehe!

I forgot na how my dream ended. Basta the good thing about it is that it ended. Fuck!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Nice to be here.

Shit pare! This is my first time to post here. I'm so glad that there's something like this pala sa net. And I thought before t'was only loaded by loser-sites and porno craps. All of 'em only giving me negative vibes pare.

I think I need to recharge now my aura. It's been completely drained lately because of all the fucking shit people around me. Tang-ina nilang lahat! They are all full of shit! And that old lady officemate of mine. I never thought na pwede pa palang magwork ang mga senior citizens dito sa office. I never did like her since the first time I laid my goodlooking eyes on her. Shit pare and I wished I never did because it really got irritated right after. Hope she just drop dead on the spot or be killed by a million stab wounds made by the kadiri squatter fishball vendors outside.

By the way, Coffee Bean will soon be opening a branch near our office. At the ground floor of a newly constructed building. A friend of mine made sabi before na Starbucks is an evil corp so I think I need to change na. Fuck Starbs! They are crowded na by callcenter peeps that's been crowding makati na like cheap mushrooms. I hate them all, they are all sooo jologs! I think I saw some of them crowding pa nga this ukay-ukay store along Buendia right beside the katakot West of Ayala Building.

Hope they just all drop dead. They are crowding Makati na! It's like kadire na to work here in Makati because of the callcenter skwakkwaks hanging around. Shit! If one of them mess with my aura, I swear I'm going to shove something up they squatters asses! That will serve them right. Losers!

Well, I think now I have to hit the sack! Later pare.