Saturday, November 11, 2006

You Want a Piece of Me?

Ok pare. I had it na with all the pakialameros who's been bombarding my blogs with how lame daw my entries. I think its about time for you to have a piece of me na. So to all the tanginang kupal who are making epal, here's to you pare:

THIS IS MY BLOG. A certified dicklit of a gliteratti from MAkati. And wala you all pakialam what I put in it. I never told you naman to visit me eh. So no matter how tamad I get in writing my post. Wala kayong say. Not now. And of course not in a million years no. Siguro the best that you could do right now to make pakamatay na lang. And since you always have naman an earphone connected to your head, why don't you make lakas na lang the head bang and try banging your head on your mumurahing monitor. Para its like basag na tapos you are making kisay pa. That way, you will do the world a favor pa pare. Kasi naman wala na tinik on their lives no. I mean, admit it dude, everybody hates you because you're a certified LOSER na, tapos ORC pa! And take note ha, you have the word loser all capitalized pa. Damn! I pity you pare. The hell talaga!

YOU ARE NOTHING. So please lang no. Don't act as if you're something na. All the katutubos I know were all employeed and never had the chance to become an employer themselves. Not even a katiting stint of entrepreneural spirit. So it is expected na for you baho orcs to stink. As in bigtime pare. The only thing you are good at is to kiss the ass of your foreigner boss.

Try bragging na lang if you are made na no.

STOP FROM BEING DEMANDING. This is my so called personal blog ergo my life pare. The reason nga I broke up with my girlfriend before is because she was making me sakal tapos you are reading lang my blog, you suddenly acquired na agad the right to demand on what I write. I mean, what the hell are you thinking ba? I know its obvious na you are all envious lang because I write what I feel. And you have all these restrictions pa on what you write on your blog because you need to use pa the spell and grammar checker of Microsoft Word before publishing. Tangina pare, you're so bobo kasi. I can't help it if I'm an excellent writer pare and I have this instant access to my kaluluwa so everything I wrote was really damang-dama.

Also, to all rushing me for my book. I'm still writing it pa. I turned down nga an offer from PSICOM Publishing because they are rushing me din eh. I hate being rushed pare. So please stop from being soo kupal and just wait ha. And regarding my website, Designlab is still developing it pa. I have so many revisions kasi pare. I have a creative mind din kasi so I have all these new ideas almost everyday to put on my site. I wanted everything kasi to be perfect no.

Yeah I guess that's it for now... all those in your face pare.

Buti pa this kid funny eh. Kayo kainis lang.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chairman of the Bored

Ok, I'm officially elected as chairman of the bored right now because of the uber boredom I'm experiencing. And I really hate this pare! I mean, nothing in this pathetic life seems to amuse me anymore! And the thing pa that I hate the most is that nobody fucking gets me. I need pa to explain most of the time why I did something. Just like what happened kanina at the dinner table, my mom called me stupid na naman with some katutubos pa naman lurking around. I mean, did someone made lipat na ba the channel at our house? Kasi the last time I've checked eh it was the native drivers and the baho muchachas who were all stoopid tapos now, I'm the stupid one na?! The hell talaga pare! Good thing I'm not in the mood to do some rebuttals diba. E di dapat pahiya my stupid mom because what I did naman talaga was really not that bobo. I'm a lot better kaya than most people here sa pinas no.

Tangina! If only I have powers pare. I totally know what to do with it. Diba nga with great power comes great responsibility. Yeah pare! Its obvious naman na I'm a king in my past life. So its kinda inborn na for me to give orders and control lives.... Let the natives do the manual labor, I'm just here to supervise diba?!

The first thing siguro that I will do is to make-durog all the people who talks nonsense and who are very fond of themselves. They have no right whatsoever pare. They need to undergo some major overhauling pa to become like me.... near perfect. Probably I'll erase na rin all the orcs and baho natives because they are such an eyesore sa kalsada.

So there. Tama na siguro that for now pare, I need to recharge pa my aura from all the beating it got for the past few days.

Also, please add me sa friendster pare and post na rin some testimonials. My testimonials kasi are kinda konti pa rin.