Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Puta pare! I really wanted to kick this person's ass for the past couple of weeks. No matter how I tried to make linis my aura, I really can't pare. My energies are exhausted pa because I've been sending negative psychic messages to this shit. This fugly loser kasi stole almost 7 Million from my mom and 3 Million from my own account. So kapal naman the face diba?! I should have followed my gut feeling pare the first time I saw that guy! My stupid ermats kasi really made kulit that the company was legit daw and that some of her amigas are already earning a lot from the forex scheme. Then all of a sudden he disappeared agad like parang bula. The hell talaga! And the nerve of the fucktard to raffle pa BMW's at one of his parties, hindi naman pala his the money. Shit! Shit! Shit! To think na they are selling pa the tickets for 500 gran each ha and what made it worse pare, I bought two! Good thing I never told that to my mom or else she would think I'm also stupid like her. Im not stupid pare, Im just vulnerable diba. Tangina! His days are numbered na talaga dude! Because I already hired someone na to track this person down. I really can't wait to make sipa his face. Shit! Im kinda lugi pala, his face was sira na. Baka mainfect pa my foot.

Still, I swear talaga pare, once i'm done with this guy, he'll be begging to die na.

For any information regarding the whereabouts of this fugly thief, kindly contact the numbers below:

National Bureau of Investigation
NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. (+632) 523-82-31 to 38

Securities and Exchange Commission
Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Department (SEC-CED)
Tel. No. (+632) 724-7650 or (+632) 727-2267

I'll end here muna for the meantime, i'll just go fix my aura.



Saturday, March 01, 2008

Baho Streets

Tangina pare the traffic last Friday! I mean what the fuck are they trying to do ba? All the streets are full of baho jologs and katutubos. Good thing I am inside my car or else I would have suffered death by baho. Lord knows naman that those jologs and katutubos don't make ligo no.

Also, what's with the ZTE Broadband deal ba. I think there's nothing wrong in having some vested interest at any deal pare. Admit it no, all people are corrupt. The saints are all dead or patay na! Also, stop the whining diba pare? Tutal this whole katutubo government thingie naman is a big joke. Why not let the Americans or other neighboring countries run our country diba? That is the only way to stop another corrupt native from bringing this country deeper into poverty.

Give it a rest dude. All this rally and traffic is really not good for my aura.

So ayon nga diba, it was really smelly and baho na at Makati so I decided to cancel na lang the appointment I have with Kimberly Hotel, Tagaytay. I'm inquiring kasi for a bachelor party for my cousin Dave. I think will just have it na lang at Peninsula. Can't stand kasi all the squatters tapping their fingers at my car. As if naman I care no.

I better go to bed muna pare... Im feeling a bit depressed kasi.