Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lord of the Rings Sequel?

Ok pare, I guess you are wondering whats up with the good boy image lately.... No - I'm not turning gay or anything pare. Hell no! Probably t'was because I'm getting lang a lot of good vibes for the past few days. And its uber coolness na naman pare to once again gain an instant access to my kaluluwa. When I've read nga my tarot kanina, I got the Two of Pentacles for the final outcome pare... meaning, there will be lotsa parties lang naman, social gatherings and happy celebrations of all kinds. Ciempre pare its not the BYOB-jologs-kind-of-basta-basta party lang diba? I'm not madamot naman pare to just keep my goodlooks lang all to myself. I have a puso rin naman to share my goodlooks to others no. To serve as an inspiration diba. Been missing na din kasi the club scene lately. All I did was work work work lang for the past few months. And its not righteous pare. As in totally uncool and unholy. Pero come to think of it, most of the club venues that I really liked pala are not from the pinas pare... Embassy (Taguig), NBC Tent (Manila), Club Asia (Tokyo), Cube (Tokyo), Gaspanic (Tokyo), Ageha (Tokyo), Club Areju (Tokyo), Velfarre (Tokyo), Venezia (Makati ** kinda dope on Tuesdays!), Gotham Club (California), Nuvo and Temple (Makati). So there! If you wanna check me out, go to those places. Who knows pare diba? You might get lucky. Yeah.. like ASA PA YOU! As in! Haha!

Actually dude the highlight nga pala of this entry was the movie I came across kanina while surfing the web. I mean WHAT. THE. FUCK!!! I laughed so hard I shit my pants pare! I'm not kidding... Go see for yourself what I mean.. Fucking creative genius whoever did this sequel of the Lord of the Rings. The director somewhat managed to exposed the orc fucktards at work.

[ Click here to launch pop-up movie. ]

Also to the pathetic natives who keeps on emailing me stuff and posting some death threats on my comment box... here's what I have to say -- I know you guys are bobo and all, but please lang no, go kill yourself na lang if my blog bothers you that fucking much... And if you monkeys are really that tapang, reveal yourselves and I'll be more than happy to teach you natives a lesson or two. Tangina. Obviously, you're nothing naman eh.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Rich Gelati

Just got home dude from Amici di Don Bosco. I had pizza lang ang two scoops of rum raisin. I enjoyed sana my tambay there pare if it weren't for the kulit na anaks of our native neighbor. Of all times naman pare, why naman kasi kanina pa kami nagkasabay having dinner. Don't get me wrong pare, I have nothing against kids. It was just that those two brats na anak of our neighbor were really gifted lang in shutting down my aura. Just imagine pare, the pagtitimpi I made when I found out what the little piglet did to my car when I parked my car for saglit lang, when I came back, I found some drawings on my car na agad made with permanent marker! Eh I was making madali pa naman that time... Shit talaga the hassle that kid gave me that time pare. Good thing na lang my former driver Mang Tonyo knew what to do with the drawings.

So I was like making pigil lang talaga my temper kanina. Buti na lang I was able to hold my inis kanina towards the panget kids no. I was about to make tusok na sana with a fork yung eyes ng bratty girl when she hid under my table eh. Tapos I'll just act innocent na lang pare. Tutal she won't be able to recognize me na naman after the incident diba because she's bulag na.

So yun na nga diba? I had to cut my dinner short because I really can't stand those bratty kids running around the place tapos calling me "koya" pa! What the fuck?! As in the hell talaga!

I just called Mang Hilario na lang to take out the remaining pizza because I lost my appetite na pare. Good thing the yummy gelati kinda neutralized the bad vibes. Really nice... a glitterati eating a rich gelati. :)

Also, prior to making this entry pare, I've checked my ranking at pinoytopblogs.com. I found out that I'm only at the 52nd spot and that I have 4,933 unique hits with a total of only 8,335 hits for the month. I think their rating system is kinda sira pare. Because I have statscounter installed on my site and below are the weekly stats for my site. Now, I'm starting to wonder if the top 3 sites are the owner of that site. Just a wild thought lang pare. Scammers! Damn it. Probably I'll just remove na lang the button kasi its kinda making my site slow to load din.

And speaking about the site, I received na some design proposals. I am making timbang pa right now on which design firm I am going to acquire for the site. I dont want to settle for anything less kasi pare. Hirap na.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Jedi Night

I'm still at the office now pare, just reviewing some papers lang for the Mancom tomorrow. I need kasi to revise pa some data my dumb secretary inputted to some reports. Buti na lang I'm that good pare to notice some errors on her grammar no. I mean, I'm not boasting or anything pare but I think her grammar sucks talaga. As in major! So now, as a consequence of her kabobohan, I need to check pa everything. I don't want kaya to give the impression that I hired a stoopid secretary to the managers and board members a.k.a. my family.

So yun na nga diba? I need to stay this late sa office because of her stupidity tapos there's no one pa to buy cofi for me. Manong guard lang kasi ang the only person left at the lobby. Katakot naman to ask him to buy coffee for me at Starbs Standard or Coffeebean Convergys. Scary kasi the pores of that guy. Not to mention pare kadire. As in Starwars talaga pare -- literally THE PORES IS WITH HIM! Plus factor pa na he also looks stupid. I'm just worried lang na he'll buy blend 45 from 7-11 instead of an iced, decaf, triple grande, hazelnut, nonfat, no whip, mocha or nonfat vanilla cup of chino from starbs. Kaya naman I had no choice but to buy it for myself kanina pare.

Starbs was kinda like puno with orc-like jologs kanina so I decided to buy na lang from Coffeebean Convergys. Even though I see that place as Mordor pare, I still like the place because its like laging walang laman. Good thing the orcs realized na the place was really not intended for them and that the primo coffee sold at that place does not fit their katiting na budget no.

Pero take note pare ha, my journey to coffeebean was really that hirap din for me. Hirap din kasi to just focus sa daan on my way to that place because of the pakalat-kalat na mga orcs sa Ayala, sporting their ukay-ukay winter collection. It's kinda funny din in a way to see them. I mean, if I am wearing a passe collection of a faux branded line, I won't be smiling and be as glad as they were kanina. I just thought na lang to myself, "Wow pare, so kadire naman their outfit. Good thing I'm not like them no."

Well I guess thats all na muna for now pare. Still have to finish checking the reports pa. Will update you na lang about the arrangements we are doing with the design companies.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Design Proposals

Ok pare, I just received tons of proposals coming from individuals aspiring to design my site. Syempre diba, I need to sort out the amateurs and the basuras. So I made bura almost 80% of the proposals I received. I mean, please don't offer free web design if you think you're nothing naman diba? And besides, money is not a problem pare. I am willing to pay as long as you or your company deliver WHAT I WANT and ON TIME! I assigned na lang my secretary to coordinate with the following design companies to help me develop and create my site:

1. Philweavers - This one was referred by a certain Ivy and was sent to my email. She told me na this group daw is really great in designing websites. But when I checked the site, it was like a database lang pala of designers. I don't have time pa to check them one by one because of my busy sked. I don't want to trust my secretary naman on choosing the designer for me here, she's like walang alam kasi pare sa aesthetics. So, probably I'll check the site na lang later.

2. Team Manila - This one was referred by my uncle. He told me na the group was really creative daw because he had them design a flyer for him on one of the events that he organized before. Kaso when I browsed their site kanina, I found no portfolio of the sites they've created.

3. Design Lab Project - This one I got from the tons of proposals I received via email. And besides, I found Willy Saw's site listed in their portfolio, (My tita once hired this guy to do a photoshoot of her resto before.) so probably, I'll contact Willy, one of these days to inquire about the group.

4. L.A. Design Studio - This design group was referred by my cousin from L.A. They are a bit pricey, but will still check them out siguro tomorrow. I'm after naman quality and not the price.

5. Bhong.com - Nice portfolio coming from this one, but I don't like their domain name. Kinda cheesy.

And to the other proposals that were not mentioned here, please do us all a favor and shut down your company together with your crappy design portfolio. Kaka-highblood lang kasi pare. To think na I've wasted my precious time visiting your site no.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another boring reunion.

Ok pare, just got home from another family reunion with my mom and dad. And the event kanina was like hell talaga. I mean, do I really have to make beso beso pa with the oldies just to show respect. Its really kadire talaga pare, not to mention kainis. Imagine, I am spending a lot for my skin tapos it'll make dikit lang to the oily faces of old relatives. So there was an effort talaga making iwas to any introductions my mom was trying to initiate. Who knows pare what disease they might be carrying na diba because of old age. I heard kasi from a certain knowledge channel that old people are very vulnerable na to all kinds of diseases because of their weak immune systems. Not to mention, their near-death ng breath was really revolting. Actually, I told one of my quasi-auntie right in her face to gargle naman with some mouthwash kasi I'm still too young pa to die... Eh my mom overheard what I said so she made tingin sama at me. So I made alis na lang to save myself from the impending maternal nobelas.

And syempre diba? It was a reunion so I once again saw na naman my pasiklab cousins as if they did something great na naman for the clan to be proud of. There was even one pa nga who was wearing the exact shirt I'm wearing. Shit talaga pare. I never thought na they put the shirt on sale na agad for my quasi-cousin to be able to afford that. So I went na lang to my car and changed my shirt. Good thing I have an extra Calvin Klein muscle shirt at my gym bag. I made it suot na lang together with the greyhound vintage plaid blazer which made me really hot kanina pare. Actually, I look good naman on anything eh.

Good thing the party ended pare kasi I thought I was going ancient na waiting for it to end agad. It was nothing special naman kasi pare. Just a boring reunion lang with my superficial relatives.

So yun na nga diba? I was bored to hell talaga pare watching the antics of those losers. Again, as what I've said, good thing all the crapolas ended sa wakas pare.

Also pare I'm looking nga pala for an advertising firm to design and develop my website. Please send your proposals to ihatecofi@yahoo.com ASAP. Can't wait to have my own site na eh. Below are my requirements:

1. You must be really good at web design pare. I need killer designs for my site.
2. I don't like bobo people. So if you think you and your team are all stoopid, fuck off!
3. Mabilis mag-work and knows how to deliver WHAT I WANT on time.
4. Must have an account with Equitable-PCI for payment through bank transfer.
5. Knows how to speak English. Pure tagalog speakers need not apply.