Monday, December 12, 2005

Uber busy week pare.

Grabe pare the week I had. Uber busy talaga. Shit kasi the Christmas tradition eh. I told nga may mom not to give na lang gifts this Christmas because all of her friends are like plastic kaya. Dami pa social climbers. Looking mahirap naman pare. Tapos my stupid mom loves to conduct pa oldie party sa house namin. Kadire talaga pare the aroma of soil. It's like gathering of the taong-lupas. So baho talaga the old people. Pero yun na nga diba? Wala na naman ako say sa house. Sabagay, its her house naman no. I'm planning na nga to move out eh and have my own unit sa rockwell. I really hate kasi being here. It's like I'm the one lang na may sense. Dami pa stupid relatives. Shit talaga.

So yun na nga diba? My schedule was really hectic talaga for the past few days. Tapos we had pa the family reunion my tita organized. Tapos sudden change of venue pa. Because my old lolo is ayaw sa Dusit. Gusto nya daw sa house na lang ng tita ko sa Dasma. So yun na nga diba? I don't have any choice but to make pakitang tao na naman to some of our relatives. Tapos some of my cousins are like bobo pa. They don't even know how to keep a conversation interesting. Kainis kasi my mom for asking me to stay. Really don't want to elaborate na sa event. It's like hell talaga pare. So init pa the coat I bought. So cheap naman kasi the garden of my tita for not having aircon no or even electric fan man lang. So I was really dripping wet sa loob. Buti na lang one of my relatives had a heart attack kaya ayun, maaga natapos reunion.

Anyways, I had a meeting uli with the Japanese firm regarding the joint venture we are about to start. So boring pa the presentation they have. It's like they are all soo bobo no. They don't even know how to speak in straight english pa. I mean, I am the one na naman making sense at the meeting kanina. Tapos the scary secretary was making pacute na naman. Kadiri talaga her face. I bet she was an orc in her past life.

After the meeting, I invited them na lang for a coffee at Coffeebean near our office at Convergy's building. I have no choice kaya. So kahit na the place was like populated na by orcs, I made no pansin na lang at them no. Kahit na the air is becoming baho whenever an orc goes inside to make pasikat and buy something. Orc mentality talaga bulok! I mean what's with the pasikat in hanging out at sosy places like Coffeebean if your compensation naman is katiting? Don't tell me they are just making ubos their salary sa coffee? Buti na lang I have a hanky kanina to cover my nose. Baka kasi they have pa a contagious disease eh. I'm sigurista kasi pare.

Also, I am rejecting most of the comments na. Kasi some bobo orcs... I think there are hundreds of them writing spam on my comment system. I mean what's your problem pa? Di ba nga I wrote na a disclaimer here telling you to stay away. You don't have a say here no. If you don't dig my thoughts, better drop dead na lang than basa pa my journal. I know na given na all orcs are bobo, but please lang no... Go write your filthy comments somewhere else. That is if you don't want me to hampas all your faces sa lupa kasi thats what you are naman diba, mga hampaslupas. Fuck you all no!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The monkey family.

December 1 is considered as World AIDS Day. So to hell with all those filthy AIDS carriers!

My mom told me kanina to go with my stupid relatives to Duty Free Paranaque. Eh my stupid mother kaya knows na I have something to do later with friends. So I made sabi to her, "Ma, I'll go out with Andrew and Claude later. Diba nga we will look na for some relief goods for the employees natin this Christmas?" Tapos my mom told me na it's been taken cared of na raw by Ibyang. Ibyang is her stupid secretary. Actually, she's like Night of the Living Dead na pare. As in living relic of ancient history talaga. In the flesh!

So yun na nga diba? I have no choice na naman but to abide with the fucking maternal commandments. It was really like pampasira na naman ng aura. Imagine, I'll drive some stupid people to Duty Free Paranaque like a bunch of bakasyonistas eh they all look so local naman. So I was really inis kanina. I told pa nga my stupid mom na why don't she go with them na lang kaya and borrow my useless native driver Mang Tonyo to drive them. Since I can drive na naman. I'm like malaki na kaya. And I can drive na naman and don't need pa a stupid driver right by my side all the time. Especially, that old, good for nothing katutubo, Mang Tonyo. Fuck talaga! Another perfect day ruined na naman diba.

But what can I do? It's my mom who told me that. I'm afraid she'll cut na naman the payments to my monthly dues at my credit cards. Diba pare that's double foul na? I mean, I'm not a driver naman no. I'm too goodlooking to become a driver. And besides, I literally disowned naman that part of our family tree eh. They are all so ugly kaya. Tapos they'll ride pa with me. Ano me, travelling zoo? Kadiri talaga pare. Still I have no choice but to follow the family's matriarch. Damn!

So yun na nga diba? I was the most gwapo driver in the world kanina to a bunch of monkeys. Tapos they are all so ingay pa. I mean, can't they see na I was like uber simangot kanina while driving. Tapos my stupid Auntie pa keeps on talking to me like wala lang. Feeling close! Fuck talaga! If only I could make her tulak outside the car, I just did siguro. The hell!

At dutyfree, Filipino mentality talaga really shows. Kadiri talaga the people there. I mean, what's with the panic buying ba? Eh all the items kaya inside duty free are readily available naman now at some major malls. If only I knew that I'll get to brush shoulders with some baho Domestic Helpers with their squatting brood, I should have dropped the family of monkeys at SM Sucat and will just fetch them like after a week na lang sana. Para my aura can like rest na from all the ingays no. Shit talaga. One good thing that happened lang is when I saw one brand of perfume there. I really can't stop laughing talaga pare. I mean, Paris Hilton now has her own Brand of Perfume with her pic pa on the box! How pathetic. Tsk.. Tsk.. Well, why ba me affected? I mean.. it's her life naman no. So, why should I give a damn at that bitch eh I have a family of monkeys to worry pa pala inside the fiesta mall. The hell pare!

Since I was there na naman, I thought of shopping na rin. One good thing about Duty Free is that it's tax free so it's kinda mura. But I won't allow myself to be like the native pinoys who's been panic buying no. It's not Judgement Day pa naman pare. So I bought na lang for myself some Loreal products like Tec Ni Art Fix Anti-Frizz and Thermo Fixing spray, a couple of perfumes and a bag of chocolates. I've been craving kasi for chocolates for the past few days eh. Kasi I read an article saying that Chocolates can alleviate you from the pit of depression daw. More like a feel-good-food pare.

Katakot pa nga the guy offering the bag of chocolates to me eh. Kadiri kaya his face. It's like survivor pare ng Hiroshima bombing. Like he was standing infront of a glass building when the explosion happened. I mean, what's with the humongous craters ba sa face? Its casting some shadows kaya under the bright light. And I think I saw pa nga some water with kiti-kitis na inside one of the craters no. And why work pa as a salescrew if you will scare naman all your customers away? Me nga muntik na mapasigaw when he suddenly appeared from behind the shelves eh. I said, "Ngii!" na lang right in his face tapos left. Creepy eh. As in kulang na lang talaga Awooo pare.

Well, the only consolation lang I got from the deal is that I haven't seen even a single Orc today. Yey me!

That's all na muna for now pare. I'm really tired na kasi.