Monday, February 27, 2006


The bora was not so good pare. The supposedly pahinga turned into something tragic talaga. My aura is really low right now. Shit naman kasi some of my barkadas. Tama ba naman kasi to bring their partners with them. It's obvious naman na they are just making painggit lang. Yeah pare. I know, I'm still single. Pero do they really have to show pa right in my face na I'm like single pa? Kadire talaga the orgy they did at the Maharlika room of Pearl of the Pacific. If only I knew na gagawin lang nila motel the room I rented di sana I took the single deluxe room na lang. Up to now, I can't forget the kadiri scenario talaga of the place... specially the abnormally large dark nipples of G-----'s gf. Tang-ina pare. Weird talaga those nipples. Almost occupying 99.9 percent of her tits which is flat na tapos fake pa! As in prunes talaga pare... major! Still giving me nightmares up to now. Damn!

Pero in fairness pare, they made me realize one thing.. Kalungkot pala when you have no partner at such romantic places. Kaya naman I spent na lang the rest of my 3-day stint at Bora creating a poem for someone I missed sooo fucking much.


Within your arms, I tried to seek,
Comfort in sorrow, misfortune and distress.
For heaven calm you were...
When everywhere I turned, chaos is at its best.
Threatening silence by its troubled ways.

Engulfed by quietude in my moment of sadness.
Awed by the way you made me felt.
The warmth of your breath right by my ears,
The sweet caresses you made to my hair,
Even at my flaws, you dare not speak...
Silence that echoed the acceptance that you made.

In your anamnesis,
I asked the stars, "Why?"
I questioned a lot...
The heavens opened wide
and replied, "Why not?"

Kaiba talaga when you do something straight from your puso no? The emotion is really damang-dama. I'm not rushing naman pare, pero I think it's about time for me to look for a partner na. Can't bear na kasi sometimes the lungkot na aking dama.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Alter Cofi

Pare! Sorry for not updating that often. Kasi naman I was really uber busy kaya. So many things to attend to and sunod-sunod pa all the meetings with clients. Kapagod na nga my schedule eh. How I wished na they would legalize na human cloning para I'll just clone myself and have my other self do all the work for me. That would be really nice siguro pare no? Just imagine, if only those great Scientists realized na the perfect specimen for human cloning is here in the Philippines, all the press siguro will make kagulo at our house. Damn pare! Imagine CNNMatthews, BBC World, ANSA Italia, Reuters, etc will all make habol of me just for an exclusive interview. Well, sorry na lang to them pare no? That was so fucking lame kaya. And besides, they'll just mess with my aura lang naman pare diba? I'm made na kaya.

So yun na nga diba? I was like hilo na thinking on what to do next tapos my katutubo secretary pa was like all bobo pa! My god pare, she's so tanga talaga. I mean, I gave her na nga a PDA phone to take care of my sked tapos just yesterday lang when she told me na she's not fond of the PDA phone daw kasi it's so hightech daw. She's more comfortable daw using an organizer in taking down notes. The hell pare! The technology is libre na kaya. And besides, what will some of my clients say if they see my native alalay just writing on a cheap organizer?! The hell talaga no! Image is everything pare. Baka they'll think pa na I'm poor na kasi I'm not able to afford a gadget for my personal secretary. Damn! Natives talaga are so primitive sometimes!

Kanina nga pala I turned down an offer from Claude and Andrew to watch a movie. Brokeback Mountain daw. The hell pare! That flick was so fucking gay kaya. And I'm not in any way near to becoming one! Kadiri kasi their lifestyles eh. Not to mention I don't like them at all! Its simple lang naman pare diba? Most of the slaves working at a callcenter are, if not lesbos, gays. So that means, the call center industry is being run by majority of the gay culture. And if its gay culture we are talking about, expect pare, we are talking about immorality and kabastusan... as in major! They are loud, panget and not to mention, all so baho. Tama ba naman kasi to make the pwet as a sex organ? There's nothing on it kaya but shit. Just like them -- looking and smelling like one. Hay! I rest na nga my case pare. Baka kasi some loser gay orcs na naman will flood my email and comment box just like before kasi they are like sapul to what I'm saying right now. The hell naman kasi to all you loser gar orcs. Please make dutdot na lang the pwet of your partner and leave my private thoughts alone. Wala naman kayo say here.

Bukas nga pala is my flight to Bora with some friends. Just wanna catch some tan lang for my putla na skin. Haven't got the chance to make pasikat kasi sa araw for the past few months because of my busy sked. I think it's time naman for me to unwind.

Siguro tama na muna that for now. Will post na lang my trip to bora next time.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Broken Spirit

Ok here's the deal pare. I lost to some lame katutubos. :(

Fuck talaga pare. Don't want to act as a sore loser pero the trophy was really talking to me that day. I felt na nga success when I saw it eh. The feeling weas soo real pare so I made congratulate na nga myself before the tourney. Kaso some bobo caddy kasi really got me infuriated. I made some angal nga regarding that tanda girl. She was like lola na kasi tapos she's the one pa who got assigned to me. The hell! As in, what are they thinking ba? I lost tuloy to some poser katutubos. I told pa naman all my friends na I'll bring home the trophy + the raffle car that day. Omen lang talaga the old lady kaya my aura til now is still sira because of the defeat. I really can't take it pare. I'm like sooo fucking down for the past few days. Hope they reconsider the tourney and see some pandadaya sa winners. Fucking kainis talaga. Nasayang lang my getup that day.

So yun na nga diba? I lost na nga sa Mango Tee tapos some bobo orcs pa are like making pampasira na naman here sa blog ko. What's up with you callcenter losers ba? Please stop acting as if naman you know about the holes sa ACC eh in your dreams lang naman that you'll get a chance to go there. Probably the closest you can get is to make silip na lang to some photos I took. Major losers!

Can't you read ba guys? I changed na nga my topic from "Callcenters are for Losers" to "Make Poverty History" dahil I want the masa natives history tapos you orcs are like visible pa rin. I remember suggesting na nga to the local government to bulldoze na all the paper houses and squatters area around Makati and Manila, and have them evacuated to some isolated island near Peru para wala na all the baho problems and eye sore here sa pinas. Kaya never na unlad our economy because of you orcs. Pathetic whiners.

Also, been having problems nga pala with the Japanese partners of our new firm. And they said Japanese were great businessmen. What a bunch of crapolas!

Ysabelle nga pala emailed me to make kamusta how I'm doing for the past few months. Also, reminding me of her wedding this June. The biatch! She's so kapal pare no? I bet she's just making paselos lang dahil she's starting to realize na I'm way better than that fag guy she got. I think it's a big palabas lang to make papansin saken. It's obvious naman na she likes me kaya. Bitchy no?

Well siguro tama na muna that for now. Have to do something important pa kasi. And to all the guys emailing me some good things, thanks pare ha? Ingats kayo sa iba.