Friday, December 15, 2006

Hiatus Mode is Over!

Wazzup pare! Been in hiatus mode na for quite sometime. Been checking lang this site once a week na lang for the past few weeks because of my uber busy sked. Sorry nga pala to some cool dudes and dudettes if I wasn't able to post your nice comments ha? Been deleting kasi the comments by batch na because as usual pare, it has been abused na naman by some bobo orcs posting walang kwentang stuff like "Sinong my mom daw?" Yeah right, as if naman katawa their own rendition of "Sinong nanay mo?!" sound clip no. It was uber passe na kaya. Like long forgotten history na pare.

So yun na nga diba? It's nearing my birthday na naman. I'm turning 24 na! Like tangina talaga, parang it was like yesterday lang when I first started this blog tapos its more than a year old na pala. Well, Its obvious naman pare na I am a writer talaga diba kaya there are some people who are always trying to put me down. Like, talaga lang ha? You can NEVER PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN pare. I'm too fucking good to be true diba? There are some instances pa nga before na I've met some people telling me some stuffs like, "Kindly sampal nga my face pare, kasi you're sooo fucking too good to be true eh." Well, hell yeah! I'm like totoong laman pare. To hell with all the tanginang kupals who keeps on repeating na I'm not true daw. If I'm not true then who the hell is making all these blog entries? Don't tell me na you natives are really that bobo not to figure that one out. Thats soooo fucking stoopid pare!

Just a bit of trivia nga pala pare: I HATE BIRTHDAYS!

Ok, just an update lang no. My web site is still under development pa rin pare. The guys at Design Lab are really doing a great job in making all my kulit revisions come true. I will not disclose my URL muna para walang pampasira ng aura. Hirap na dude. Baka some bobo orcs will try to mess it up na agad eh its under development pa nga lang. Been thinking na nga of making my site password protected para selected lang readers of my blog. Its kinda private kasi eh. Not to mention na my blog is not catered to be understood by people with an IQ of flat 130130.

Also pare, I bought a new fone nga pala, the N73 of Nokia. Its ok na for everyday use. Nothing special really. Sayang nga lang that I bought it late November eh kalalabas lang early this December the Music Edition. Shit talaga pare! Sayang.

And oh, I almost forgot pare... Hilariously Stoopid nga pala was rushed to the hospital by Mang Dario (my mom's driver) yesterday. I think he was making hingalo na right now. Well, its about time na kaya pare. I mean, its not my fault that old native was soo fucking tanga not to secure the jack properly before fixing anything under the car. So there... bang! He was kinda pisak ata. Tapos the tanga maid pa who saw the incident made fun of it pa. Tama bang to call me pa and say, "Sir oh, look at Mang Hilario, he was joking na naman under your car." Like its her way of saying, "Oh, how cute naman Mang Hilario for making kisay under the car!" Now, was that playing stoopid or purely tanga lang talaga of her? Well, I dont want to share pa the details na pare. My blood is making kulo lang eh. And besides, I think it is God's way na rin of telling my mom na I dont need a driver na no.