Friday, February 20, 2009

February Update

Ok pare, remember the girl I made kwento last time? Well for some effin reason I cant seem to shed her out of my life. She's like glued na to me pare. I know Im hot and all pero pare this is something different, shes acting like im her property na no! What the hell! Nobody owns me pare! Pero don't get me wrong ha. Im not bakla pero I dont have any feelings talaga towards her eh. But thanks to my pakialamera mom, I think Im stuck na with Cheska. I mean I'd still choose my ex lesbo girlfriend Ysabelle if only shes still single and not married to that gay Bobby dude.

Just like what happened last week after the wedding of my cousin. Some guy friends invited me over to have coffee at starbs Harbor Square. And since I'm with my gf, no choice pare but to tag her along at starbs or else Hilariously Stoopid will make sumbong na naman to my stupid mom na Im not being nice to Cheska. I made iwan kasi her the last time we watched movie at ATC because she really made me pikon.

Eh puta pare, she's like mas malala pa kay Claude when it comes to being maarte and all. Here's the scenario pare: since im still not allowed to drive my car, Hilarously Stoopid drove us to Square Harbor to meet up with my friends there. We never bothered changing getups pa pare. Since we all look cool naman sporting our fine barongs. But since im with Cheska, I have an extra baggage with me. I have to be extra nice to her or else my mom would cut my LAST card. Shit talaga pare! Its like conspiracy theory talaga. Im feeling like Mel Gibson na trying to make isip on how to free myself from the unwanted setup. So yun na nga diba, after Hilarously Stoopid parked the car, Cheska refused to get down from the car. It was raining a bit kasi pare. Pero it was like a bit lang talaga. Pero the fucking Cheska doesnt want to get out of the car because she was afraid daw that her Manolo Blahnik might get ruined by the water. Tangina talaga pare! Eh I was like salivating pa naman for a cup-of-chino that time. So I was like really muntik ng i-tie around her neck the shole she's wearing. Buti na lang I saw a group of wet baho natives seeking shelter from the rain along the restos near the parking area. So thats more than enough reason for me to also backout from the caffeine convention and head back inside the car. Hirap na pare. Who knows if those natives are infected with some kind of airborne disease diba? Good thing we are like 10 meters away from them. Funny nga how those orcs got basa eh. Siguro it was divine intervention na for them to make ligo no. They all look so baho na kasi eh.

Thats all muna for now pare. I'll just make lipat lang my files to the external drive I bought kanina. ciao dudes and dudettes.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Its 2009 na!

Im back to my blogging pare. It has been quite a while since the last time I wrote something here. Putangina naman kasi all the moronic people around me. They are like pampasira ng aura. My perfect tune with nature always gets disturbed na lang. Its hard to get peace na talaga nowadays. Man, if I weren't so at peace with the world, i'd run them over with my new car. Good thing I have a girlfriend now pare. But she's just the up-to-sawa type. Meaning shes my gf until the time im sawa na.

My mom kasi always makes pakialam to my diskarte pare. She and her amiga are the ones who arranged the relationship. So I made sakay na lang their trip. My girlfriend now kasi looks good pero shes really annoying. She like wants me to text her always my gig. Can you believe that? Its making me sakal na. Labo talaga nya. It really fucking gets me everytime dude. Sometimes nga I made Hilariously Stoopid reply to her text messages na lang. Funny thing, I dont even care pare what they are texting ha. Hilariously Stoopid even asked me before, "Sir maganda ba itong textmate ko?" I just said, "Yeah. and please dont forget to send her love quotes ha." Hahaha!

Anyways, enough for the sharing pare. I just turned a year older. And shit man, now lang Ive noticed na I'm getting hotter and hotter pala. That explains why people are always making papansin when im at chichi places. But even given the location pare, the orc infestation are like spreading na. So Im attracting even the unwanted baho masa. The hell!

I guess thats it na muna dude. Need to finish something lang.