Friday, March 24, 2006

Ziggurat Resto, Makati Ave.

Hahaha! Grabe talaga the native hookers sa Makati Ave pare. It's so funny how they made pakita their legs eh it's so kadiri naman. They all look so pangit ha. Tapos there are some foreigners pa making pacute infront of them. As in yuck pare! I think I saw one pa nga na may syphillis sa face. She tried to hide it lang with the use of some masa concealer like chinchansu (or whatever it is you masa people call it. I just heard it from my yaya before. basta all I can remember is that my yaya's face before was like really kintab after using it. I even told pa nga my mom na, "Mom look oh, yaya is trying to scare me na naman.") I mean, mura lang kaya Yves St. Laurent's Touche Eclat or Prescriptive's Comouflage Cream to hide her face. Yeah, her face pare. Kasi it's so disgusting na. I'm wondering nga how I managed to look at her for about an hour din. I was chilling pa naman at Ziggurat Makati while enjoying some mid-east cuisines.

So yun na nga diba? I was like alone lang trying to replenish my aura because it was all badvibes sa bahay dahil my stupid mom kasi won't allow me to drive my car. Since she fired nga my bobo driver, Mang Tonyo, she tasked Mang Dario to be my driver for the whole week until wala pa me new driver. My dad kasi went to Europe for some business meetings. I told her nga na, "Mom naman. I'm no longer a kid na kaya. I can even make sagasa na nga some orcs without being caught because I'm so galing na at driving." She made irap lang and told Mang Dario that he too will get fired if she doesn't made sunod the utos of my stupid mom. So that's the story pare why I took a cab and went to makati ave alone. Been meaning sana to go to Rockwell last night kaso Claude was with her pangit boyfriend na naman so I decided to try Ziggurat resto na lang. Yeah, alone pare. I saw Ziggurat kasi being featured on this site -- Philippine's Ultimate Guide to Restaurants plus I also saw it pa being featured on a couple of magazines so I want to make subok the place and make tikim the food. I ordered for a personal platter of their mixed kebab special, Ziggurat iced coffee, baklava and an apple flavored shisha. Grabe pare the kebabs ha! They are all so moist and tender. Unlike the ones at Husseins and the recently sunog Jerusalem which is kinda hilaw pa and medyo tigas. I also love the baklava. I just can't help but make tawa at the baklava. I made biro pa nga the waitress na I wanted some "is he gay" for dessert. Ok na sana pare kasi she laughed at my joke tapos sabay asked me on what I just said daw kasi they don't have it on the menu. See pare... basta natives slow. So I made ngiwi na lang and told her to just get my order agad. I saw some familiar faces kasi. Hirap na pare for someone to see me smiling at a katutubo waitress no. There are many gossip mongers pa naman.

Feeling loner talaga my drama last night pare. The good thing was that even though I'm alone, I'm still gwapo. I had my hair cut kasi yesterday at Piandre so I look really hot sporting my new hair do last night. I caught pa nga the native waiters staring at me like I was the food no. I mean they can drool all they want pare but I think it's impolite to stare at people kaya. So there I was... looking really gwapo and yet alone. As what I made sabi kanina, I even spent an hour staring at a hooker across the street. I thought I was going ancient na and buti na lang some college cuties also came to sample the place. Eh I was enjoying the shisha pa naman. So I tried to make pasikat to them and offered the shisha saying, "Hey ladies, would you like to blow my pipe?"... And then the place became tahimik..... Shit pare! Then I realized what I've just said. Kaso it was too late dahil I received na agad a sampal from the panget pa na girl. Of all cuties pare.. why naman the panget pa was the one who laid her filthy hand on my face. So yun na nga diba? I was really flushed because of embarrasment so I just asked for my bill and left the place. The hell talaga pare. They are missing out!

Still, I recommend Ziggurat Restaurant located at the ground floor of Sunette Tower, Makati Ave for the food and the nice experience. Just watch out for the chubby panget girl.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Wow pare! At long last, my mom fired na the stupid old native driver Mang Tonyo. It's about time naman kasi pare no. I mean he's too old na tapos bobo pa. He was making paawa pa kanina infront of my mom. Kadire talaga the scenario pare. Just try to imagine an old guy crying. The hell talaga pare! Really can't explain my happiness right now kasi nobody will cramp na my style from now on. Wala na the kulit Mang Tonyo who keeps on bothering me whenever I'm out partying. Bottom line --- I'm soo fucking saya now pare! Will tell you later why the old native got fired.

My dad kasi bought a new car for my mom last month as an anniversary gift. It's nothing mahal naman. The Honda Acura TSX. A 205 hp with 2.4 liter i-VTEC engine. The only cool thing about this car is technology they made sama with the car. I asked nga my mom if I could get na lang the 6-disc in-dash cd changer eh. Palit to my old skul cd player. Tutal it has other cool features naman eh. Like the bluetooth phone connectivity and the navigation system with voice recognition that is simply kainggit pare. Actually I'm planning na nga to make bangga my car para my dad will try to buy me the Acura TL which has an 8-speaker surround sound system.

So yun na nga diba? My mom really is enjoying her new car. She's no longer making sabay na nga with my dad eh. I think she has toyo na dahil she's fond na of borrowing Mang Tonyo and my Dad's driver, Mang Dario just to drive her around Makati. Dahil she feel safer daw with the two native drivers around to act as her bodyguards. She even asked my dad to hire for her some bodyguards na daw dahil you'll never know daw when the carnappers and kidnappers will strike. That's sooo fucking pathetic diba pare? Glad I'm not paranoid like her no.

Buti na lang yesterday they had a head on collision with a kia pride taxi with Mang Tonyo as her driver. Nothing to worry naman dahil they both made it alive. The car got a dent lang sa gilid aside from the busted bumper dahil nakaskas ng kadiring kariton from the masa sidewalk vendor. Don't get me wrong pare. I'm not happy because my mom's car got gasgas. it's just that, if not for that incident, my bobo native driver won't get fired kanina.

Aside from that LIBERATING incident, I have nothing else to talk about pare. Siguro tama na muna that for now.

And to the pathetic orc who keeps on sending the kadire photo to my email add. Fuck you pare!