Thursday, December 27, 2007

December Update

Dude pare! Tangina! It has been quite some time na since the last time I posted an entry here at my online dicklit. The past few weeks kasi was major sa pagod pare. It was like really draining talaga the left and right galas and fund raising that my stupid mom FORCED me to attend. Tangina talaga dude the schedule that I had. Tapos my native secretary pa was like bobo in managing my time. Why naman kasi when the El Supremo made pasabog some katangahan here sa Earth, her katutubo mom ata was making sahod using some large basins eh. Was really itching na talaga to fire that native. Double shithead talaga pare I tell you. Kumulo talaga my blood just yesterday lang. Tama ba naman to approve an appointment at Alabang around 3 pm tapos my next sked would be at Quezon City at 3:30 pm!!! Shit talaga dude! I'm not like Silver surfer kaya to finish everything and still have time to travel to QC. All I have is an old hilariously stoopid driver which is lapit ng mamatay tapos bagal pa the driving skills. I mean, he can't even do the drift pare down Rufino towers.

Also pare, just kanina lang when I checked my friendster ( Tangina, now ko lang na notice some baho orcs made some nasty comments on my profile. I mean, how lame was that? As if naman they'll change the idea that they are still stoopid for having such a no-brainer job. Here's a sample pare:

* ako
* Posted 12/27/2007 3:22 pm

* touche!

nice rants.... for an idiot who suffers from delusions of grandeur... :) try seeing a shrink once in a while kiddo... it could really help you get off those fantasies of porsches and shit... and unlike you, those stupid call center agents as you call em are contributing alot to our GNP inasmuch as they have somehow helped their families... :) but anyway, this is a free country... so, i'll respect your opinions on call center agents... ur ignorance (or should i say, mental incapacity) is beyond forgivable... but really, you should consider my advice on seeing a shrink... I mean, a session or two won't cost that much considering you mentioned that you take your girlfriend out for a ride on your porsche... :)

But anyway, I'm (surprisingly) glad to have found your friendster page... I find it rather amusing... cheerio... :) cough cough poser cough cough

Sino daw she called mentally incapacitated? I bet she was referring to herself dude. I mean, the "thing" or whatever she(?) is speak for itself. I rest na my case pare.

Btw,that came from this native orc named Precious... Yes dude, remember Smiggle/Smeagol/Gollum from LOTR? Yep, thats her pare. She's now here sa pinas. Go check her out! Precious a.k.a. Gollum on Friendster!

Also find some "latest" LOTR characters at my friendster profile pare --> Of course im not referring to all the uber cool dudes and dudettes who made nice comments on my profile. Just the "mentally incapacitated" ones lang. As in -- Dai orcs! Dai!