Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tim Yap and Harry Potter

Ok pare, Claude invited me last night sa Big Buddha, GB3 for her to make pakilala na her new boylet. Lets call this guy "Tim Yap". Tim Yap not because he looks like my friend Tim Yap but because its an abbreviated form of Tang-Inang Mukha Yan, Ang Panget. Seriously speaking pare, he reminds me of "Shrek". As in upclose and personal! Complete with the BO pa! Kulang na lang for me to take pa-picture with this guy and show it to my mom and tell her that I've been to Disneyland last night para pareimburse ng tickets no.

Ciempre diba, since Claude is my friend, I need to make pa-plastic na naman and make her feel na she's like panalo sa new boyfriend nya no. Yeah pare, she's panalo allright... Panalo for finding the most stupid kupal sa earth. As in! Grabe kasi pare the hangin of that guy. I mean, its obvious na he don't have any idea on who I am diba pare. So I just made tahimik na lang and tried to focus more on making ilag na lang from all the tilamsik of his laway no. And you know what? I kinda enjoyed din naman what I did eh. It's like playing PS2 pare in real life!

So yun na nga diba? It was really horrible talaga last night and kinda tiring din faking my tawa. Pero the hell talaga pare the yabang of that guy. Buti na lang Hilariously stoopid called and asked kung san daw ako daanan. Ciempre diba, that was an opportunity na to put an end sa kayabangan of Tim Yap. So I told Hilariously Stoopid to just park the car and pick up the books I bought at Powerbooks earlier. And I made it a point that I spoke louder that usual over the celphone last night so that Tim Yap would hear it and for him to have an idea that I have a slave no. Unlike him na just hitching lang a ride with Claude. How pathetic was that? Lousy no?!

Also, Mother of all kainis talaga some loser punks who got into my nerves for the past few days dude. As in TANG-INA talaga pare! Uber pampasira ng aura. It was kinda hard na to approve comments lately because of some loser punks who keeps on posting the complete "Harry Potter" series at my comment box no! Complete with foreword pa! As in... Kulang na lang pare the video attachment of the whole movie to complete the effect. Why not kaya make sama na rin the trailer to the attachment and the biography of all the cast para naman wasak na talaga my aura pare and para naman you could laugh na infront of the camera na together with your mean kopita because you somewhat managed to ruin my mood diba? As in the hell pare! Asa pa you no! Obviously, this is another agenda na naman of some bakla natives who have nothing to do but mess with my blog. Its simple lang naman pare diba? If you don't like what you see here then why stay pa? Not unless you're really that stubborn to make your kadire comment pa! Tang-ina, you're bobo talaga! I removed the button na nga coming from pinoytopblogs to lessen the katutubo hits tapos you're like flocking pa rin. I mean, read the disclaimer you dork!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Near death experience.

Dude! The experience was like nakakatakot talaga. I was like muntik ng mamatay early this week. And all because of some loser motorcycle punks along Macapagal road. I was on my way back kasi to Makati from MoA when my car almost got hit by the motorcycle natives near Bluewave. Tangina pare! My bobo driver, Hilariously Stoopid wasn't looking din kasi. Buti na lang I saw the approaching katutubos on a motorcycle heading our way. So I was the one who was making sigaw talaga. If I wasn't that alert that time pare, I could have been dead by now. One less gwapo na naman here sa mundo. Imagine pare, I died not because of the head-on collision sana with the motorcycle natives, but I died because some people are soo fucking stoopid to let loose their monkeys and let them play with motorcycles. I mean, who on earth have taught monkeys how to drive motorcycles? And what the fuck do you call those breed of monkeys on wheels ba? Iba na talaga products of Science nowadays -- the wonders of Genetic Engineering nga naman pare. I just told na lang Hilariously Stoopid to ignore na lang the loser punks who got tumba because I was really on a hurry. Hirap na pare to face na naman some patola enforcers who are like takot naman if I tell them the name of my tito na.

So yun na nga diba. I was like muntik ng mamatay early this week tapos I need to share na naman the house with some of my quasi-cousins. Ok lang sana if they have breeding pare no. Pero dude wala. Plus pa the fact that they are always irritating my aura eh. I mean now, I always have to go home early to check on some of my things baka they will make basag na naman some of my stuff. Just like what they did yesterday to my Brent yearbook that they made punit punit talaga. Eh I have only one copy lang kaya. So, how I wished that time that I could also make punit some super coolet kids and make them sunog na lang just to get even. My mom naman kasi always making kunsinti those brats and always telling me na, "Hijo, hayaan mo na. Ganyan ka din naman kakulit when you're still little eh." Just now I've realized na I should have made sagot to her remarks about those little devils no. I should have told her, "Ma, at least we're humans. And not freaks like those quasi-cousins of mine." The hell talaga pare! I swear I'm going to make irap at my tita next time for leaving those freaks here. Lately, our community kasi was really magulo because of the things that are happening right now at IS Manila wherein they booted the superintendent of the school Mr. David Toze, the former deputy head of all Brentoids in Baguio City.

Now everyone is trying to make pasikat na and making sali pa. Just like the Madrigals, the Ayalas, Elizaldes, etc. Kulang na lang the UN committee pare to referee the event eh. Here's one blog talking about the event - http://factoidal.blogspot.com. This site contains some disturbing politics of the school complete with some documents pa! Hay! Good thing I was a Brent alumnus.

Also, my site is still under development. I rejected kasi the first batch of designs that was presented to me by the Design Lab Project team. I don't like kasi the combinations of kulay that they did.

So there.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Charter Huwaat?!

Shit talaga pare. Been monitoring the dollar exchange rate for the past few days. The piso is gaining some strength na over my dollar account. And I really hate it when the buying power of piso exceeds that of the dollar. I always make papalit pa naman my piso to dollars everytime. I mean, what's happening ba with our economy right now? The last time I've checked a local TV station, all I saw were the crappy Korean Novelas and the iyakan crapolas of Judy Anne and Paolo Pascual. Don't tell me pare, those soap operas made na a huge impact on our economy because the government got huge commissions on the cashed-in ratings of the native tv stations. What the fuck! Kadire naman if that was the root cause of the dollar devaluation diba? I mean, our movie industry can't even compete globally. There's this lumalalang trend to make movie just to satisfy the entertainment needs of the masa and the katulong community. As in to hell na with morals and quality... !%$#!@!!!! I'm still here kaya. I have needs din pare no.

What's katawa pa pare is that the government of Pinas is crying out loud for a charter change. I mean, yeah.. charter change my ass! As if naman things will change if they change the kind of government this third world country has. I think instead of changing the government, they need to re-evaluate and kick out some of the incompetent braggadocios holding positions in the katutubo government right now diba?

Just a piece of Cofibean's advice lang pare.... diba this country is striving to uplift the economy and boost the buying power of piso? Why don't we sell na lang kaya the third world Pinas to the Americans and let the brilliant white people take over our government and economy. That will be uber cool pare diba? Instant A-1 economy na, we will have dollar currency pa! Not to mention, less hassle of Visa renewal for me diba. (Up to now pare, I dunno if I was the only one brilliant enough to come up with this excellent solution to the on-going kahirapan of this country. Probably its because I'm that talino kasi pare! As in!)

And siguro pare when that time comes, I guess its ok na to make palampas some callcenter orcs who are looking very much piso but speaking in dollars with a twang pa! Which made my blood sometimes kulo and damn!.... kainis.