Thursday, June 22, 2006

Black Propaganda

My stupid mom was really hysterical kanina pare... because one of our higop (take note pare, it's higop na.. not just sipsep lang!) native muchachas showed her a text message about the MoA. She even called me up and forwarded the same message to my cell. Here's the exact message:

"Important advisory, iwas muna sa Mall of Asia, dagat ito dati, may mga cracks pala duon na kinoberan na lang ng carpets and paint. Hindi ito pinapaalam ng management syempre. Remember, the pre-opening incident kung saan a part of it collapsed and not only that, malapit tayo sa Indonesia where more than 4,000 were killed sa lindol. Earthquakes are unpredictable so take care. I love you bebe."

I mean, that was really pathetic diba pare? Eh it's obvious naman na the text message was forwarded lang to our "higop" maid by her security guard boyfriend --- A black propaganda thru text against MoA. And, what's with the "I love you bebe." ba?! Hahaha! I told nga my mom to calm down. And I even cracked a joke pa regarding the "I love you bebe" to her... I told her, "Mom, I'm no longer a baby anymore no. So please, stop calling me "baby" and get rid of Hilariously Stoopid because I don't need a driver na. Specially pa an old, good-for-nothing, bobo, and stoopid driver like him." She just told me to shut up na lang and be nice to the old katutubo and also to confirm with the admin of MoA about the cracks and inquire about the building's stability. Because if the rumor is true daw, she will make pasara our store. Well, for me, nothing new pare. She's been a worrywort since like tagal na.

So yun na nga diba? My mom was really kulet na kanina pero I just stayed cool lang. I don't wanna mess kasi with my aura na pare. I've been getting nothing but good vibes lang lately kasi. And not only that, Claude even made biro if I am committing daw ba obagi overdose because of the glow. Hahaha. Glow my ass Claude! You bitch! Hahaha! You knew pretty well why I'm happy for the past few days. I'll just make kwento na lang next time... *Coughs*

By the way, I found this javascript russian translation program from the i am bored website. Just put lang your name and hit the submit button to know it's russian translation. Enjoy pare... Hahaha! (Courtesy of JackAss - MTV)

Enter your name and hit the "Submit" button to translate it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Drool All You Want!

Pampasira talaga ng aura the call I got kanina pare. Imagine, the biatch called me just to remind me lang that her wedding is tomorrow na. I mean, is she ok lang ba? Obviously, she was trying to make paselos na naman pero its not working na. The hell talaga pare! I guess I have to end na posting about her. Kumukulo talaga my blood pare. I don't want to make patol na lang to her kababawan no.

So yun na nga diba? I was really infuriated na kanina because of the pampasira ng mood call so I decided to go to Coffeebean Convergys na lang to replenish my aura and to try my new Macbook that I got from Apple Center last Saturday. It's bundled na with 3 years Applecare Warranty. Nice pare no? It's about time na naman kasi to upgrade my luma ng Powerbook. I think kasi may problem na sya sa socket where you plug in the adapter. Newly replaced lang kasi the battery through Apple's battery exchange program pero its really taking me soo fucking tagal to charge it fully na. Baka loose na the power socket. Damn! I guess, I'll have to make it pamana na lang to one of my kulit cousins.

So there I was, enjoying my new Macbook when a fellowship of orcs came in... together with their baho getups and second hand gadgets. So my saya was really short-lived pare. The hell! The air became smelly na naman kasi because of their lakas BO no. Tapos one was wearing pa an Ipod shuffle on her neck... I mean, what the fuck was that? And not only that, I noticed pa pare that most of them has an earphone dangling out of their kadire outfits. I bet those were just AM/FM stereos being sold at the bangketas for 50 pesos kaya they are all hiya to show it to their kauri. Hahaha! So I made tawa na lang and made lipat to the couch far from the orc gathering. Don't want to irritate my ears from their nonsensical blabbering kasi no. Basta one thing is for sure pare.... I love my new Macbook. ;)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Bad Day Pare

Uber pagod talaga lately pare because of the uber ng dami things I have to attend to. Every morning, I have to sign some important papers sa office then at noon, I have to check on our other offices. Tapos the Japanese expat we hired pa to run one of our office was really walang silbi rin. Every night naman, I have to go pa to MoA to check on our native staffs and to tally the cash sa vault and to see if they deposited yesterday's cash sales sa bank. So bobo naman kasi some of them eh. I mean, do I really have to make turo paulit-ulit pa everything for them to fully understand on how to do it right? I was born to supervise lang kaya and not do manual labor pare. It's their job kaya. I mean, kaya nga we hired some masa peeps as crew because I knew they were good at selling and communicating with their kauri tapos I will get disappointed lang pala. Sabagay, what can you expect nga pala from them?

Kaninang morning pala pare, kumulo talaga my blood. Kasi naman, because of 3 consecutive sleepless nights, I decided to buy for myself some cup of chino at Starbs, Standard Chartered. Shit talaga pare! T'was early morning pa lang pero the place was like puno na with orc-like jologs. Obviously loser-posers lang naman. Making kwento to their panget friends and making loud tawas eh so mura lang kaya their drinks no. As in they are sipping it slowly pare to make it tagal maubos. So, my early plan of staying muna at Starbs to make pahinga got sira pa. The place kasi pare was really not good for my aura.

So yun na nga diba? The wedding is nearing pa. So I really can't help na kumulo talaga my blood. My mom kasi asked me yesterday if I will go to the wedding. I told her na lang, "Ma, Ysabelle was like tanda na no! And we're not even close anymore. And besides I have so many things to do pa. Her wedding will just ruin my tight schedule." Fuck my mom no. She's like walang alam kaya na Ysabelle is a bonafide slut. Gold-digger and I think she's a lesbo pa pare. Making patol to that gay Bobby dude.

And this one goes to all the baho orcs posting some death threats and other crapolas on my blog, fuck you all no. You're all such losers kaya. Wala kayong say here so keep your bobo comments to yourselves. Don't you have lives ba?