Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Opening Salvo

Ok dude, I've lost my fucking atm just recently. So I need to rely on my credit cards to do most of my shopping for the past few weeks. And believe me pare, not having cash on your wallet is hard pala. And I thought I could rely na on my credit cards alone. So here are some updates on my life pare:

So yun na nga diba, since I hate celebrating birthdays, I stayed home lang and surfed the internet all day lang. Christmas din kasi last year was really boring. I mean, I got tamad na of spending it na naman with my cousins abroad. Nothing new naman with them eh, still the same kaasar na faces. All looking for a christmas gift from me. And besides, they visit pinas naman twice a year so why make siksik pa myself on their kadire houses that smells like cat-piss no. My stupid Tita kasi is fond of making her house a refuge for stray and abandoned felines eh. Kaya naman even her breath na smells like uber baho fufu ng cat. Tangina the smell talaga pare! So, I just emailed them na lang saying Merry Christmas no.

And since I don't have cash, I bought na lang greeting cards from Power Books that I sent out bago mag christmas last year. I mean, it's the thought that count naman diba pare, so I really can't figure out why the maids frowned when they got their christmas cards from me, eh they are the ones who wrote naman the generic messages on it. Really stoopid diba pare?

And speaking of stoopid people pare, Hilariously Stoopid escaped death. Tanginang matanda talaga that one pare. I mean, I'm beginning to think na he's like aswang or sumthin to be able to cheat death no. The hell talaga pare! I heard right now, he is recovering na. And syempre diba, inspite of that incident, my stupid mom won't allow me to drive pa rin my own car. She said, I'm too young pa daw to die!? What the hell was she talking about?! I'm very good na kaya at driving no. Damn! So right now, we are alternating from having Mang Dario in driving us around the metro.

Regarding the card incident, I think I lost it when I went to MoA a week before christmas pare. The place kasi was overflowing with baho natives that time so I was really busy trying to make iwas from bumping with even one of them. Hirap na to contract any skin diseases from them kasi most of them are like dripping na with masa juice and really smelly na that time. So yun na nga diba, I remembered trying to withdraw from an ATM there. Probably that is when I've lost my card.

My secretary told me that it'll take a about a week pa before I could get the new card so I decided to create na lang a new account because it'll take lang 3 banking days. And besides, my old account naman was fastphone enrolled. So why wait pa diba if I could just use phone banking naman to transfer funds from my old account to the new one. I called na naman their hotline to block my card in case some natives who got it tries to withdraw from it.

So yun na nga diba, I got na agad my card after 3 days lang so I enrolled it din agad to phone banking. But lo and behold pare, when I tried tansfering funds from my old account to the new one, I am getting a system error daw. Cannot complete the transaction because I am trying to transfer to an unenrolled account. I mean what the fuck was that all about? So I went back to the bank and confronted the new accounts orc. I told her the error and she told me that my account daw is for cash deposit only. And that I need to submit first a billing statement for them to be able to lift the restriction. And they are only accepting daw Meralco, Maynilad and PLDT! So I just insisted what if I try to withdraw na lang over the counter from my old account since its mine naman and I have naman my drivers license to prove it plus pa the new account I made with them. She told me that it was not possible daw and that I need pa to present an affidavit of loss to push through with the withdrawal... I yelled at her na lang to make her look tanga infront of the many people around us, "Huwaaat?! You should have told me that earlier when I enrolled for a new account. I'm not stupid you know!" The bitch looked at me lang then said, "What was your concern again sir?" Thats it! The hell talaga pare. I just told her na lang that my dad will hear about her stupidity and that we will pull out all of our accounts from them. Tanginang bitch! She ruined my holiday agad. Not to mention my aura was really irritated that time. Good thing I have like pinag-aralan no! Unlike her na bobo na stupid pa! Stoopid bitch!

And if you're going to ask how was my new year. Just forget about it pare.

So there.