Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What the @#$#?!!!

I was the one who received the mails from the courier kanina. Kasi naman pare I wasn't able to sleep last night because of the tons of paperworks I'm doing for the new store we opened at the Mall of Asia. Been very busy for the past couple of weeks. I was really pagod na pare tapos tangina pa one letter I got kanina... It really ruined my aura... not to mention, my day! Uber pampasira ng morning pare. Tama ba naman to give me a wedding invitation pa to her wedding? The biatch! It's obvious naman na she was just making papansin lang because I stopped na from responding to her emails no. She's such a slut kaya. I know this is just one way to make paselos. Pero this time it's no longer working pare. I had enough na of all pampasira ng aura. They are just cramping my style lang naman pare. As if naman my world will stop if she marries that fugly Bobby shit. Now I'm really convinced na she's nothing but basura pare. Bimbo would be an understatement to her kabobohan. Damn! There's a whole buncha cute girls pa naman out there who's dying to go out with me. So, I threw nga her invitation straight into the trashcan. As if naman I'll spend my money going to NY just to see a moro-moro wedding. No way pare! I'm not that bobo kaya.

So yun na nga diba? I was really infuriated na kanina at the breakfast table tapos the sipsep katulong pa was asking me whats wrong daw. Why the long face... What the fuck?! Yeah! What's wrong na ba talaga with our society nowadays? I mean, whats with the feeling close ba? The president lifted na ba the demarcation line between the working masa and the amos, that gave them the right to speak freely as if feeling friends? Damn! As if naman I'll get something from her katiting na brain if I tell her on what got me mad. I mean I don't even kilala her name tapos she'll make tanong pa on what's my problem daw ba. It's really hard na talaga to find decent katutubo helpers nowadays pare that will treat you with respect. That's the problem when the amo is soo mabait eh, the muchachos and muchachos starts to grow their evil horns na - Like my ancient driver, Hilariously Stoopid. Do I have to put a signage pa ba na helpers are not allowed to talk to their amos unless told to do so? So, instead of calling my mom to tell her how bastos na naman the helper she hired... I kept my silence na lang. Just had my monthly check up kasi with Dra. Muñoz of Belo yesterday. Hirap ng pumanget just like the pathetic katulong no.

Tomorrow nga pala will go to Tagaytay to do another buying for our store sa MoA. Will post na lang uli some other time.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hilariously Stoopid

Been very busy for the past few days pare plus I really need pa to detoxify na my aura because Mr. Hilariously Stoopid has been continuously dissing me. I really hate it talaga when I am surrounded with people suffering from severe case of low I.Q. Tama ba naman to ask me for directions around Makati. The hell talaga pare... I'm not even close to looking like MMDA patolas no. I looked at him sama nga then called my mom saying, "Mom, how come you gave me this native driver. And I thought Tonyo was stupid na.. meron pa pala more stupid than him. I'll trade him with Dario. I think it's about time for you naman to experience kabobohan at its finest." Tapos she said lang, "I'm having my diamond peel (AGAIN?! Her face is so nipis na kaya.) now hijo, will call you back later." From there, I think I'm stuck na talaga for all eternity to Mr. Hilariously Stoopid. Shit talaga pare. I really can't find any logic in hiring for me a driver pa. I mean, I'm really good at driving na kaya. I can even make my car sipol because of my uber cool bilis driving. There was an instance pa nga last week when he asked me where to take the left turn at Ortigas going to Podium, I told him to just make bangga na lang a traffic enforcer kasi that will be an indication that he needs to take the left turn na. Tapos he said, "Ok bosing." I mean, is that bobo or plain stupid lang talaga? I should have told him to jump out of the car while it was still moving so that I could drive na lang for myself. Tapos just yesterday lang when I told him to come with me inside the Manila Peninsula because I need to get some packages from Tita Minda, the pathetic driver was really shaking at the couch. I asked him whats with the ngatog and he told me na, "Ser, hiya lang po ako sa ibang tao. Masyado po palang sosyal sa loob ng mga hotel." I made ngiti na lang and thought, ganun ba talaga the feeling if balat mahirap? I somewhat felt pity na rin to the poor guy. Well, I have a puso rin naman pare minsan no. I'm just glad I'm not like him. As in, not even close! He was such a character talaga. And the attempt to schmooze with me almost everyday is really irritating. Feeling close? The hell!