Monday, March 26, 2007

To Hell with Death

Shit talaga sa hassle pare. I mean, death really sucks. And bigtime at that! Just imagine, my fave uber cool tito who was really healthy and with no hint of lapit ng mamatay just died last month due to heart attack. I mean, of all my bobong relatives pare with whom death could choose, why pa my uber close tito diba? We have like daming relatives kaya who's near death na. Just imagine pare, I have sooo fucking many stupid na, kupals pang quasi cousins, plus pa the amoy lupa ng brothers and sisters of my late grandmama and grandpapa who are just waiting na lang for a roll call from heaven pero they somewhat managed pa rin to make kapit to their pathetic boring old lives no... Also, what about the fucking Hilariously Stoopid who cheated death last December lang. Tapos andami pang orcs na naglipana sa pinas. Why not one of them?! This is purely unacceptable pare... Eh why nga tito Archie pa was chosen? Its unfair. Fuck death talaga pare! It was like I'm watching Final Destination in the flesh pare. Been trying to figure nga the pattern eh. I mean, there must be a pattern diba pare? If Hilariously Stoopid cheated death, then my uncle must be the next one to die. And he died pare! Now, the fucking question remains... Who's next kaya? Shit pare.. I'm having goosebumps na just trying to decode the pattern. I played with my Tarot nga kanina just trying to predict who will die next eh. Pero I've only managed to test pa lang two of our native maids. And scary talaga the outcome, according to the cards... Tatanda pa daw those two bobo natives. Shit talaga.

Also, my 3rd degree uncle is running for senate. All I can say is.. Goodluck na talaga to the future of this country if manalo that guy no? I mean, the reason why I hate this country is because of corrupt people like him who did nothing but just papogi lang sa office. Kaya naman I'd rather die than vote this coming election eh. Don't want to take part in the patuloy ng paglubog of this lubog ng third world country no? Siguro, I'll just vote na lang if they really exert some effort to change the image of Pinas. If wala nako ma-sight na eyesore sa kalsada like the baho slum areas. I mean, I would vote for the candidate who have the balls to bulldoze those barong barongs to oblivion. Thats the candidate for you pare!

Well, if I am given a chance to handle the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office, I would change na agad the very traditional way of voting here sa pinas. I mean, its pretty obvious naman na uber daming flaws ng native system diba? I think one best way to sort the best candidates would be to do it the cofibean way... Why not put all the senatorial candidates sa Bahay ni Kuya, Pinoy Big Brother style. And let the masses and TFC subscribers decide who will be voted out and who will remain as the big winners for senate thru text and vote cards. Then every week, there will be an elimination night to remove the most bulok from the candidates. Tapos their tasks would be to build/renovate as much schools as they can using the money they've accummulated through the years from the native taxpayers. I think kasi its about time na to educate the baho masa about things para I won't have to deal with another bobo native again. Kinda irritating din kasi at times eh. Also, once implemented... It'll be a lot.. and i mean A LOT cooler elimination process diba? Promises are boring pare. I think I saw one pa nga crying on TV. And that was really pathetic pare. A desperate measure to earn some pogi points from the masses. What the natives need right now are men and women suffering from an acute case of Hernia. As in, men and women with VERY HUGE BALLS pare! Of course dude, don't be so bobo to identify women with Huge Balls with the chixilogs (chix with itlogs) of Greenbelt and Makati Ave no! Action not words pare. Stop being a Filipino orc. And if that happens... Our country will be known worldwide pare because we will be included sa Guiness Book of World Records for the uber cool election ever held. I'm thinking big kasi eh. Unlike the politicians who are all just pangako.. And masasabi ko lang bout that is.. Uhm... Yeah right!