Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spidey is a Wuss!

Tangina pare! Spiderman 3 was a total disappointment. I've watched it last May 1 and how I wished I stayed home na lang that day than make pila pa along with the natives and orcs at the Mall of Asia. Good thing most of our katutubo store employees were all like nagkakagulo pa to kiss my ass so I asked na lang one of them to buy the ticket for me. So yun na nga diba? That was the first time I sashayed deep into that masa infested mall. Eto ka pare, I just learned lang that day that there's a Calvin Klein store pala at that mall. And it was really lapit lang pala to our boutique! The only dissapointing thing lang about their store pare is that their shopping bag is kinda substandard. The Stores Specialists, Inc. ad and promo head should talk to me to get some pointers on product presentation pare. I'm like really good at that kasi. My dad kasi invited pa Jane Werner from the Fashion Institute, New York last year to conduct a seminar for our boutique. So diba pare, I learned from the best thats why I'm like a master na rin when it comes to merchandising and retail operations.

So yun na nga diba, going back to the movie pare, I suggest for you to bring a box of tissue paper because the movie was made entirely for crybabies and losers! Tangina pare. Sayang lang my money for that crappy feel good movie. I mean, I think I know better than the creator of that film. I'm a collector kasi of Marvel comic books before and I even have an Xmen 1979 Christmas issue as part of my collection. And the hell talaga pare they did to the Venom character. They made him patay agad that soon! And whats with the flying sand pare? Duh! Sands dont have wings naman diba? So how come they are flying?!!! Shitty plot talaga I tell you. They are talking trash pare. I mean its all about love, forgiveness and other mushy crapolas. Tangina.. I enjoyed pa nga more my granola bar than the movie itself. Eto ka pa pare! I chose pa a seat that was infront of the screen so I was like point blank watching the movie and para walang natives to disturb me while watching. Tapos there are some part pa that they made patawa.. The hell talaga pare.. all the natives was like laughing na.. but not me pare.. HELL NOT ME PARE! I mean, I have good taste dude. And I know a good movie when I see one. And that movie was like tangina talaga. So kakainit ng head. And that Tobey Maguire guy was really irritating. Always trying to make pacute eh he's not even cute pare no. Specially when he made the pacool dance pare. Feeling cool runnings as in! My butthole is waaaaay cuter than him kaya. Really creepy pare I tell you. Good thing talaga I have my box of granola with me or else I'm already dead na pare. Because the movie literally bored me to death. So there.