Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's vacation time na dude.

Ok pare, its official, I need to beach in with the guys way down under pinas. Kasi after all the scheck that happened, I really need some serious cleansing of my aura. Tapos sumabay pa the incident yesterday where Hilariously Stoopid went head on (again!!!) with my car onto a poste. Good thing my auto dentist was really good talaga to undo the damage. Or else, I swear talaga up to the old native's last hininga that I'll charge him for the damage. Of all the empty carparks along Greenbelt, why pa park B.F.E. (Beyond Fucking Egypt)! Why naman kasi up to now, wala pa roll call for the missing cast of Dead People 3 para matawag na my old katutubo driver no. Im sick and tired na rin kasi of him slowing me down pare. I think Im aging na nga eh. Pano na lang if theres no obagi?

So yun na nga diba. I was in Serendra pala kanina with Claude and Andrew, and puta pare, it was really crawling with unwanteds. God, kadire talaga the orcs. Hope they all transfer na to another bansa. Because they are seriously devaluating the chic value of the place. Fuck!

Well, i guess that's it muna for now, I need to call pa some chicks to invite for next week.