Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Compared to Them, I Am a God Pare.

Ok pare, as usual, i was uber busy na naman for the past few weeks. I was coerced kasi by my stupid mom to support kasi my uncle who ran for Senate last election. I mean, it was pretty obvious naman na I don't like that guy tapos my mom was making pilit pa to support him. To hell with them both no. I don't like kaya how the natives conduct their politics here sa pinas. Its soo effing dirty. The vote shaving and padding was like really obvious na. Good thing, natalo that moron. Or else, for sure, he'll be bragging na naman on how galing he is pare. Just like my quasi-cousins who are all shallow. Empty nutshells talaga I tell you.. I mean, its waaay better pa talking to my uber cool self than converse with those fucktards eh.

Anyways, I was browsing gov.ph last week when I chanced upon this thread at the forum. Basahin mo na lang pare to fully understand why some politicians are willing to spend millions of pesos just to win a spot sa senate:

Interview with the effing cool Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Ok, enuff na with bs pare. Just wanna make uber bilis kwento lang on what happened for the past few weeks. Just recently lang, I've been receiving uber daming emails from people informing me of a certain blog thats been dissing my blog daw. Now, heres what I have to say - to hell with that tanginang kupal dude. I have no time to check the totally rip-off site of a major faggotron. I am a busy person pare. Let them adore me. Better yet, let them kiss my ass. They can never attain the level from which I can instantly access my kaluluwa. I mean, come on.. Admit it pare... I AM THE BEST! And besides, I don't talk shit.

So yun na nga diba. I spent almost half my week making bura some 200 comments of natives comparing me to that site. Aside from that, I've been an office-bahay guy lang. Been convincing my dad na nga to get a SOHO na lang for me. Para naman I don't have to deal na with a stoopid driver, some bobo native muchachas and the everyday trip to office while debating to myself if I should make agaw na the manibela from Hilariously Stoopid and try to earn some points by hitting some orcs making lipana around Makati.

Also, had dinner lang with Claude and Tim Yap last week at Serendra. So there.