Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's About Time Pare

Shit! Can't help talaga but smile for the past few months on whats happening to the Pinas pare. The quasi-shortage of rice, the neverending gas price increase, the transfer of the controversial ZTE star witness as head of SSS, the supposedly billions of pesos katutubo/masa funds and the unstoppable growth of the orc community (May gathering ba pare?). Im waiting na nga lang for a "For Sale" sign that they will make sabit sa MalacaƱang. Hopefully pare, U.S. will jump at the opportunity of buying it to save the natives from further bouts of katangahan. It's pretty obvious naman kasi pare na the crisis are all made up stories lang to hide something diba? And I'm not going to elaborate more pa pare. Its about time for you to use naman your noggins. Sayang kasi ur small na, pea-sized brain pa inside if unutilized. Baka kasi mabulok pa.

So ayon na nga diba... The only good thing I'm seeing from all these is the fact that all the burdens are shouldered by the baho natives. They are starting to feel the stress na of leaving this country to work as slaves of other bansas. Typical pare. Katutubos are synonymous to muchahos, muchachas, Dh, orcs and contruction workers. My tito told me that there are lots of opening abroad for those jobs. So that would mean, it'll save pinas a couple of hundred thousands of natives to feed. Meaning, bawas the quasi-rice shortage. Hehe. By the way, hope the price of gaso would reach 100 bucks per liter para bawas na rin the traffic. So dami kasing obsolete cars sa kalsada that needs pahinga na.

Also, some fucktards hijacked my friendster and yahoo account before. Hope you guys drop dead na no. You know who you are. Thats really not cool pare. Hope you all make pakamatay na. Good thing I have a paid yahoo account so they changed my password immediately.

Anyway, I'll like go na muna. I'm going to buy something lang at Rockwell for my date later. No press releases na muna for now pare. I'll share next time na lang.