Thursday, April 26, 2007

Korean Invasion

Just recently lang I went to Big Buddha, GB3 with a friend to sample their food there. We ordered lang for the soft crab thingie and the Szechuan shrimps. The food was ok but not that great pare. Sayang nga eh, I forgot to ask for a comment sheet from them to at least let them know what I think of their food no. I should have told them that I am by far mas magaling na cook than their generic chef. Well, thats my opinion lang pare ha and I think I have the right naman to tell them that diba? I mean, I paid naman for the food I ordered so I might as well comment on it. Nothing lang pare. I felt kasi something lang was missing on the food I ate eh. So there.

After Big Buddha, we had coffee lang at Starbs near Cafe Havana where all the native pokpoks and chixilogs are making lipana. Hoping to catch some lasing ng foreigners who would 'do' them in exchange for some katutubo bucks. My aura got sira pa nga pare dahil most of the tables were taken na by the natives drinking free water or milk lang naman in mini cups. To think pare na I complained na before from the baristas that they should make tago na the cups to minimize some orcs from enjoying freebie drinks no. Kawawa naman kasi some paying customers like me na walang maupuan eh. To hell with the lazzaronis' pare! How come theres no racumin when I need one?

Eto ka pare! While enjoying my regular cup of chino, I noticed lang one thing - Makati was like punong-puno na of Koreans! As in everywhere you look dude sa Pinas. North, east, south, west.. It was like Korean invasion talaga! No kidding pare. Mamatay man Hilariously stoopid and all my maids together with all the orcs sa Makati. What's with pinas ba right now that we are being invaded na by Koreans? And then I figured, it must be with the boom of crappy Korean Telenovelas on local TV pare. I mean, those Koreans must have thought that they have a showbiz career here sa pinas so they are making padala na by batches their citizens here. Like, yeah right. Sandara Park where are you na ba?!

The pungent and yucky Kimchi.

To sum it up, I had an uber busy boring week pare that I'm noticing the Kimchi-eating chinks na.

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