Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Drowning Katutubo Economy

Tangina pare. It has been quite some time since the last time I made kwento here at my blog. Been busy kasi energizing my aura due to some tanginang moments that happened. I will not share na lang para wala ng katutubos to comment pa on them. The hell no!

Ok here's the deal pare, just got back here sa pinas from an uber long vacation at my aunt. Bad trip kasi my mom for messing my life with that pasosyal na girl eh. Its obvious naman na I dont like her no. Shit talaga. She was too clingy pare. Good thing I made takas before they ruined my life completely. Yeah.. THEY pare! It was really a conspiracy theory. I really don't know na nga who's on my side na. I think they are all ganging up on me. I was like muntik ng maging criminal pa because of that bitch. Since the kwento is so haba pare, I'll just cut it short na lang. I made sakal the clingy bitch because I couldn't stand her feeling my wife na agad attitude. So kapal dude diba?

Anyways, I wasn't able to vote pare. Pero its ok lang. I think all the candidates that ran for some pwestos are all trapos naman eh. I mean, come on dude?! I think you katutubos already learned from your past. Ok, its given na that some of you primitivos are stupid. Pero don't tell me dude that you gained another quality from the recent election? Memory gap... Confabulating much? Sheesh! Pathetic natives!

Ok, I'll just try to remind you lang ha. Below are some politicians who ran in the recently held election.

Manny Villar: C5 at Tyaga.
Erap Estrada: Edsa 3, Anyone care to place their bet at the jueteng currently being played at the boracay mansion? As in now na!
Noynoy Aquino: Mama, Papa and Sis of the Hacienda Luisita. Not to mention the highest rated candidate of Pulse Asia of which by the way is owned by HIS relatives: Rafael Cojuangco Lopa, Antonio Cojuangco, etc. Obviously, he ran on nothing but the memory of his parents.
Lito Lapid: Leon Guerero anyone? Or is it Guerrero? O come on pare, lets not QUARRY este quarrel about this.
Ralph Recto: The author and defender of the EVAT LAW. Need I say more?
Ferdinand Marcos Jr.: Martial Law and Edsa 1.
Bong Revilla: Before doing the lame ochocho, care for some Kap's Amazing Photos? Click here. And here pa.

Shit pare, dito na my stoopid driver.. I'll try to write some more na lang later.