Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Ipad Mini Unveiled

Shit pare! I'm palpitating na right now just thinking about the new Ipad Mini. I was like not informed by my so called friends kasi of the Ipad Mini unveiling at the California Theater. I'm kinda tired na rin kasi of using the New Ipad. Its big and Im not comfortable bringing it with me specially when I'm at some chichi places. I mean, people might think I'm also an orc. Shit! I hate that when it happens.

Whats happening with the world na ba? When I visited Greenbelt recently, almost everyone is using an Ipad na. Even those who doesn't look the part pare. I mean, what the fuck? Even the mahirap natives can now afford pricey gadgets like the New Ipad. Good thing I have a keen eye pare in identifying the posers from the real blue blood. Well, they can all rot in hell for all I care dude. basta I'll make sure na I'll get my hands on the Ipad mini next week. I'll call my Tita to buy one for me and have it ship ASAP sa pinas dude.

I did some thinking yesterday pare. It must be with the installment plan being offered by the major credit card companies. The idea just dawned on me dude. Shit! It makes perfect sense now. Good thing I am paying in cash nowadays. I'm that cool kasi dude. I'm always bringing cash with me anywhere I go. I mean admit it dude, I can always flaunt my money in front of those baho natives and all they can do is to drool and be inggit that I have cash and all that they have are those maxed out credit cards from loan sharks. I bet they only pay the minimum pa of their amount due. So pathetic pare.

Cards are now out. Cold cash are in. So in order to see if someone is really rich pare, just look at their wallets. If you see thick moolahs, yep, that's a certified glitterati if all you can see are the cards and even some suki cards and prepaid call cards, posers yun dude. Beat the crap out of that shit and help me in my effort to clean the metro of yaman-wannabees.

Anyways, that's all for now muna pare. I need to go pa to Starbs to meet my future wife. Later dude!


Anonymous said...

gosh pare, with the cheap price tag of the iPad mini, it would become a masa tablet of the orcs eventually no. so kadiri!

Orc Grunt said...